Just a couple words about contacting me. I get a LOT of e-mail.

That said, please be persistent! If I do not answer your question please pose it again. It may have
been accidentally deleted, or I may have read and forgotten it. I do care, but I am busy and have
had my priorities adjusted recently.

I have two daughters, and the younger one born in 2000 has severe autism.
That has restricted my time for working on the site recently.

Frequent Questions:

Do you have my Bible? The name is ---- .

Answer: If it is not on the site, I do not have
it. Please use the search feature to look through
the listings. I am trying to add my untranscribed

If you run across the ----- Bible, will you please contact me?

Answer: I wish I could, but I am not that organized.
Please check back.

You have a major typo in the ----- Bible transcript.

PLEASE e-mail me this one. Everyone makes transcription
mistakes, and that is why I think it is important to post
images with the transcriptions. I will correct ASAP.

EMAIL me at tracy@stclaire.org.