Faber Bible

Bibli Svata aneb Vsecka Svata Pisma Stareho I Noveho
Zakona, V Praze [Prague], 1912.

This is a Czech Bible printed in 1912. The family within
apparently originated in Moravia (Austria/Hungary) and
emigrated to New Jersey in the United States about 1918.

I have no knowledge of the language or geography, so
please reference the scans for most of the information
and to confirm my rough transcription. I also do not have
a Czech font on my PC, so the spelling has been
Americanized. Please help us here if you can.

There is a good amount of ephemera that is in this Bible.
One is a subpeona that places this family at 20 Tichenor
Terrace, Irvington, New Jersey in 1930. The 1930 Census
finds John, Mary and Pauline there as well. Other pieces
have family information that is difficult to transcribe.

Transcribed by and in possession of Tracy St. Claire,



[Page One]


J'meno, den a misto narozeni manzala:
John Faber. Geboren 23/6 1884-
Lipto Szentivan Ungarn

J'meno, den a misto narozeni manzelky:
Marie Tesar Geborn 5/4 1889 in Steinitz Mahren

dne 13 Februar 1910
v in Wien Mollardgasse No 12a
Svatebni text: Laga Josef - franthr

[Page Two]

Rodice novomanzelu

Mary Faber
Pauline Faber
My Birthday is on June Seventh

Emanuel Tesar
Julia Tesar ve Zdanicich
muje rodice

Marie Tesar

[Page Three]


Pauline Faber
gebourn 7/6 1918 Zuoni [?]
in Wien Mollardgase Nolla [?]

[Page Four]


Pauline Faber
Born June 7th 1918
Vienna, Austria; Europe.

Mary Faber,
John Faber.
Mother (before) Tesar.
Grandmother, Julia Tesar.
Grandfather, Emil T.
Grandmother, Marie Faber.

[Page Five]


Mein bruder ist gestorben
inde krig 1916 20/12.
Leopold Tesar in
Zdanitz gebouren 15/11.
Was killed, 1916 at
the age of 22.
Uncle Paul.

Mrs Mary Faber.
Hillside New Jersey.
1925. 13/11.

Liebe Mutter
October 7, 1953

[Page Six]


Moje draha Matka
zemrela 18/11 Listapadu 1919
narozena ve Zdanicich na Morove
?? ?? [two unknown words]
6/12 Trosince 1919 prove verer
nechd jun da ronlrich [?]
lehke ?? asvetlo
veine nechd jun svite
nebeske slave od odrochi [?]
vop tmen moje
July Tesar moti Marie Faber

[Page Seven]

Jine dulezite udalosti rodinne

in Amerika 1918 gechkoman
in Newark.

Marie Faber Johan Faber
Pauline Faber 1916.
habich dos kesbriben
leb noll mein kind
daine muter Marie Faber

Pauline Faber, geboren
in Wien 7/6 Juni 1918. 1918.


Deutiches Journal, August 19, 1916

Wer ungar, wer aus Oesterreich, America erst preis er, doch nach dem Prasidenten gleich den Konig und den Kaiser!

[Who ungar, who from Austria, America only prices it, but after the President equals the King and the emperor!]