Faulkner Bible


Faulkner Family Bible

Submitted January 1998 by:
Laura Hanners

Faulkner family Bible ........the pages I have are copies and I have no
knowledge of who has the original Bible. Laura Hanners.

Surnames found in this record:


Wm A Faulkner and Lida Belle McPherson was married Dec 30th 1888
Bell McPherson was married Dec 30th 1888

Births and deaths of father
and mother of Lida B Faulkner
Burr F McPherson was born
July 1st 1883 died April 18th 1888
Sallie A McPherson was born
Oct 7th 1836 died Aug 21st 1888
Annie Belle Zinn was born Aug 28th 1887 died Nov 1st 1888
Mary Emma Faulkner was born August 4 1879
Wm Beck Faulkner was born Feb 14 1882
Emma was married to S L Sagaser 1-5-98
Willie was married to Lois Archer May 12 -03

W A Faulkner died Thursday
march 12th at 10 pm in little Rock Ar
Ark aged 46 years and 6 months
Mary Lucil Faulkner dies Sept 3rd 1905
Bell Sagaser died Feb 2nd 1917 age 8 years 8 months

Wm A Faulkner of Wynee Ark and
Lida B McPherson of Hannibal Mo were
married at Wyandotte Ark Dec 30th 1888
Eugene H Faulkner + May C Gardner
were married in Levinsworth Kans Nov 10 19
Eugene H Faulkner + Viola Saling
were married in KC Mo sept 19-1912
Cecil Greg Faulkner and Louise Dhougry
were married Nov 19-1912 in K City Mo

Marriage Certificate
Mr Wm A Faulkner to Miss Lida B McPherson
Record Book 13 page 401
Returned and filed this 3rd day of January 1889
Harn O Williams clerk
By Tom Haffinwin DC

WA Faulkner was born Sept 15th 1843
Lida B wife of W A Faulkner was born in Hannibal Mo Aug 18th 1870
Harvey Eugene son of Wa and LB
Faulkner was born Nov 4th 1890 Tuesday
Cecil Gregg son of WA and LB
Faulkner was born July 11th 1893
in North Little Rock Ark. Tuesday
Mary Lucile daughter of Wm B and Lois A
Faulkner was born June 16th 1904
Waunetta Mary daughter of Eugene H and Viola
Faulkner was born July 14-1913 in Kc Mo
William Edward son of Cecil + Louise Faulkner was born Aug 20 1912 in KC Mo