Finch Bible


Finch / Fince Family Bible

Submitted May 8 1997 by:
Marjorie (Hubbell) Gibson

Email: (Marjorie Gibson)

This Bible was printed in Edinburgh 1793 and cost 30/. On the
same page is "Caleb Finch His Book 1798"

Surnames found in this record:

"Caleb Fince [note different spelling] was born on Friday January 21st 1751.[N.
Haven, CT] Deborah his Wife was born on Saturday July 23rd 1756 [WHAT IS

Ebenezer Fince was born on tuesday 7 O'Clock in the Morning June 16th 1778
John Fince, was born on Wednesday 8'Clock at Night,December 22nd 1779
Betsey Finch was born on Friday 1 O'Clock in the Morning October 5th 1781
Sally Finch was born on Sunday 11 O'Clock at Night, December 14 1783
Polly Finch was born on Wednesday 11 O'Clock & 30 minutes at Night April
12th 1786
James Finch was born on tuesday 7 O'Clock P,M, July 10th 1789
Pamela Fince was born on tuesday 12 O'Clock at Night May 18th 1791
Laura Fince was born on Saturday 10 O'Clock at Noon February 23 1793
ALMIRA [my ancestor] was born on Monday at 12 O'Clock at Noon April 6th
1795. [she married as his 1st wife Washington Hubbell]
Charlotte Fince was born on Friday 10 O'Clock at Night November 2nd 1798
[Not included was Caleb b. 1800, Ancram, Columbia Co., NY , d.10-22-1824
and bur. Winchell Mt. Cem., Pine Plains , NY where many of the family are
buried. Caleb bought the Bible 1798 , entered in all those then born but
never added Caleb]

[The above is all in the same hand. Since the Bible was printed in 1793 and
prob. didn't arrive in this country for a year or two, I think all these
births were written at the same time.]

[Following the above, in the hand of Mary Gray (Almira's daughter) who mar.
Washington Lafayette Hubbell is written:]
Charlie B. Hubbell was born on Wednesday the 26th of March 1851
FRANK A. HUBBELL was born on Saturday the 10th of March 1855 [My
grandfather - he d. April 24, 1900 in Saranac Lk, NY of TB, and mar. Mary
Eliz. Rogers of Setauket, LI, NY ]
Tompkins C. Hubbell was born on Monday morn the 19 of Movember 1860

[Below that in the same hand:]
Washington L. Hubbelle was Born July 2nd 1829 x Married 1849
Mary Grey Hubbelle was Born July 3 1821
[Caleb Finch was b. New Haven; Deborah prob. Guilford,Branford or N. Haven
area. Poss. their 1st & 2nd sons were b. Branford, CT, the rest in Ancram,
Col. Co., NY. So they prob. moved to Ancram 1778 - 1780 and prob. mar.

[Since NY didn't keep VR till 1880 this is probably the only place, except
for Caleb, where the records of these births are recorded.]

[If you want other info, or could provide Deborah's surname I'd be MOST GRATEFUL!]
Marjorie (Hubbell) Gibson