Fish Bible


Fish & Partridge Family Bible

Submitted January 1998 by:
Laura Hanners

I have the original pages and I have no knowledge where the Bible is at this time. My Great Aunt sent these
to me before she died. Please have anyone interested in contacting me use my email address at this
point. I will be getting a Post Office Box for this within the next couple months. Thank you. Laura Hanners.

Surnames found in this record:
Cora Manila Fish April 18th 1875
Roselle Emiline Fish September 14th 1873
Aplha Fish Sept 6th 1910
James H Fish Jan 4th 1933
Laura Elizabeth Fish March 29th 1933
Minnie B Fish March 27-1942
Charles E Fish Aug 31-1943
Robert Fish Nov 6
Elton Truman Partridge Aug 18 1951
Lottie A Partridge (Fish) July 30 1952
May E Fish Nov 29 -1957

James Fish Born Dec 18th 1812, died Jan 11th 1868
Lorena Fish Born Aug 20th 1818 Died March 5th 1874
James + Lorena Fish married Oct 25th 1835
Albert Fish born June 1st 1837 Died June 18th 1838
Alpha Fish born June 27th 1889
Samuel Fish born Dec 7th 1843 died Sept 30th 1867
Ellery Fish born June 25th 1845
Iaasc Fish March 7th 1848 died April 9th 1854
Almira + Alvira Fish born July 25th 1850 Almira died April 2nd 1875
Elizabeth Fish born Feb 16th 1853 died March 6th 1853
Hannah Fish born July 17 1854 died Oct 23rd 1858
Charles W Fish born Nov 6th 1858
Sarah Fish born March 20th 1861 died April 22nd 1871
Ellery Fish + Mary Little married April 22nd 1871
Almira Fish + Standish Ward married Sept 15th 1872
Alvira Fish + Dexter Little married May 13th 1874

James Henry Fish May 13th 1866
Charles Edward Fish April 23 1868
Cora Minnie August 19 1869
Roselle Emeline Fish Oct 5th 1871
Lottie Alvira Fish March 17th 1873
Mary Elsie Fish September 16th 1876
Emma Manile Fish September 7th 1880
Grandchild Irene Edna Partridge Smith -Dec 5th 1895 [Smith was added at a later date ...the ink color and writing are different]
George Edward Fish Feb 14th 1899
Frank J Fish- Raymond Fish
Harvery Partridge Verna Faulkner Partridge Florence Cheezum Partridge
Alpha Fish June 27 1839
Laura Elizabeth Dunscomb Jan 20 1849
A Fish and LE Dunscomb married Aug 22 1864
Laura Elizabeth Dunscom G born Tuconderoza N York

Charles E Fish to Minnie B Hagley Dec 10th 1890
Elton T Partridge to Lottie A Fish Jan 30th 1895
James H Fish to Rosa Korres Nov 24th 1897