Fisher Bible


Fisher Family Bible

Submitted November 1997 by:
Shelley Brideaux

Surnames found in this record:

The Fisher bible is now in the possession of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Fisher, but please use Shelley's email above as a
contact. Shelley submitted, electronically, the scanned pages of the bible. The overall condition of the bible is very
good even though it went through a fire when it was in the possession of Edward Ives Fisher; it was one of the first
items to be saved.


--> [Cover Page:]

The Holy Bible
contains the
Old and New Testament
--- --- --- --- --- ---
The British and Foreign Bible Society
Instituted in the year 1804
146 Queen Victoria Street
Printed at the Cambridge University Press
Price Two Shillings

--> [Presentation Page:]

This Bible Was presented to Mrs. Fisher by the Teachers of Bath St. Sunday School, as a token of their Love and
Respect, with their best wishes for her present and eternal welfare.

Search the Scriptures for in them ye think ye have eternal life and they are which Testify of me.

21st. Octr. 1871

--> [First page:]

Edward Fisher born at Putney in the county of Surrey, England, July 16th. 1847.
Married at St. Michaels Church Bromley London to
Sarah Ives born at Poplar in the county of Middlesex
Feby. 15th. 1847 - Septr. 25th 1870.

Caroline Amelia born Aug 20th. 1872 at Oshawa C. W.
Died Octr. 9th 1872.

Frank James born May 5th. 1874 at Oshawa.

Miriam Caroline born August 6. 1876 in Poplar, London, England
died Dec. 19th. 1877.

Maud Amelia born Septr. 2nd. 1878
at Poplar, London.

Jessie Elizabeth born Oct 28th. 1880 Bromley E., London, England
died Aug 23 1932.

Edward Ives born January 19th. 1883 Battersea, London, England.

Frank James died October 27th. 1885 at Callender, Ontario Canada.

Fanny Ethel born July 25th 1885 at Callender, Ontario, Canada.

Arthur Cooper born May 1st 1884 at Callender, Ontario, Canada

[Callender is a small community outside North Bay, Ontario]

--> [Second page:]

Children of E. I. Fisher & Ethel Hodgins

Mildred Sarah Fisher Born Nov 22, 1908.

Hazel Ethel Fisher Born May 30, 1912.

David Edward Fisher Born May 18, 1917.

Walter Meredith Fisher Born April 26, 1919.


Hazel Ethel Fisher married Sept. 23, 1932
to Horace Alexander Piper of Powassan.
-- Hazel died Aug 27 1961

Mildred Sarah Fisher married June 20/35
to Peter Himsworth White of Callender
-- died Apr 25 1955.

David Edward Fisher married Dec 25 1941
to Irene Bertha Wetton of Parry Sound.

Walter Merideth Fisher married Dec 25 1938
to Edna Marjory Crankshaw of North Bay.

Mildred Sarah Fisher (White) married
to H. Alex Piper Oct 15 1962.
-- died April 26 1986.

David Edward Fisher died Dec 14, 1991.
--> [Third page:]

Maud A. Fisher married Aug 16th 1899
at Callender, Ont. to William Barber of Hotham, Ont.

Jessie E. Fisher married June 21st. 1903 at
Powassan to Edwd. Tubman of Chartris [?] Que.
(Ed Tubman died aug 16 1981)

Fanny E. Fisher married May 23rd. 1906 at
Hotham to Robert Rowlandson of Nipissing, Ont.
(Died July 26, 1941)

Edwd. I. Fisher married March 29th. 1907 to
Ethel E. Hodgins of Hotham, Ont. at Hotham.
(Died Jan 6 1943)

Arthur C. Fisher married Sept. 1st. 1909 to
died July 3, 1975
Sarah A. Hodgins of Hotham at Hotham,
Sarah Died May 3, 1933

Walter L. Fisher married June 28th 1916
at Cincinnati, Ohio, USA to Fanny Bright
Wolford of Lovettville, Virginia, USA.

--> [Fourth page:]

Walter Leslie Fisher [youngest son of Edward Fisher and Sarah Ives, born after some of his older siblings were
having children - which is why he is not listed listed in the group of his siblings.]
born October 26th, 1890, Callender, Ontario, Canada.
Died April 6, 1979.

Sarah Fisher died at Christian Valley, Nipissing
Nov 8th, 1914. -: Edward Fisher Died Feb 28, 1932, 85yrs.

Maud Amelia died at Hotham, Gurd [a township in the Parry Sound District, Ontario]
December 25th, 1918.

Wm. Barber died at Hotham, Oct 29th, 1926.

Edward Tubman - Died Aug 16, 1957
Jessie Tubman - Died Aug 23rd, 1932.

Sarah Ann Fisher - Died May 5, 1933
Arthur Cooper Fisher - Died July 3, 1975.

Ethel Elie Fisher - Died January 6, 1943
Edward Ives Fisher - Died April 18, 1866.

Robert Rowlanson - Died July 26, 1941
Fanny Ethel Rowlandson - Died Jan 22, 1968.

[Included in the bible is a certificate of merit for a rescue that Edward Fisher Sr. made when he was a member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Life from Fire.]