Fooks Bible

This Bible record was published in The Publications of the
Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
, Vol. V, March, 1912,
Philadelphia, pp. 111-112.

It doesn't mention if or how the first people are related to FOOKS/LONG.


Below this line, is verbatim from source




Woolsey Wharton and Ann Laws Houston was married December the 5th
day, 1826.

On the 3d day of January, 1839, by the Rev. Mr. Hand, Robt. L. Hearn [Harris? TSC]
to Ann Laws Wharton.

James Hopkins and Ann L. Harris was married August 7th day, 1846.

John W. Fooks and Sallie H. Long was married April 24th, 1879, by the
Rev. B. J. Douglass.


Woolsey Wharton, son of Isaiah Wharton & Hetty, his wife, departed this life
13th day of April, 1830 -- 20 minutes after 3 o'clock, a.m.

Robert Lacy Harris died at 7 o'clock on Monday, Oct. 9th, 1823. Funeral
preached by Rev. Henry Fries from Num. 23d chapter, latter part of 10th verse.

James Hopkins, son of James Hopkins & Emilia, his wife, departed this life
on 30th day of April, 1847 in the 42nd year of his age. Funeral preached by Rev. Henry
C. Fries, Text middle clause of the 14th verse, & 3 (or ) 4th chapter of James.

Ann L. Hopkins, daughter of Robert Houston & Nancy his wife (the wife of
Woolsey Wharton, Robert L. Harris, and James Hopkins) departed this life
Jan. 6, 1873. Funeral preached by Rev. Mr. Douglass.

Copy from tombstone and in the Fooks Bible

Col. Annwell Long, born Feb. 17th, 1754. Died Nov. 22nd, 1834.
John Long, son of Annwell died July, 1846. Age 68.
H.W. Long, born Feb. 1st, 1826. died April 15th, 1890.