Forbell Bible

The Old Testament Title Page is in pieces; the New Testament
Title Page reads as follows: The New Testament of Our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ. Philadelphia, Mathew Carey, No. 122 Market
Street, 1811.

Isaac M. Forbell written on the inside front cover.

This bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire
of .



[Page One -- MARRIAGES]

Henry Forbell was borne 3d November 1784

Anne Forbell was born on the 11th November 1789

Henry Forbell and Anne Forbell were married by the
Rev. Mr. Woodhull In the 20th December 1804.

Sally Anne Forbell and Jerome Smith Gainer

Anne Agnes Elizabeth Gainer & Thomas Roberts
Dec. 31st 1869

Henry Forbell Jun and Ann Forbell was married
on the 13 September 1834 by Mr. Canerda

Sarah F. Roberts & Stephen S. Soper March 29th

Wm T. Roberts Lillie M. Lee

Elmer E. Soper & Jessica M. Rogers April 25th 1922

Maysie I. Soper m. Kenneth B. Todd Nov. 28th 1929

Beulah E. Soper & Robt. Wright Newton Dec. 29 1941

[Page Two -- BIRTHS]

Elizabeth was born on the 15th September 1805

John was born on the 20th March 1807

Henry Forbell was born on the 6th Day of October 1812

Isaac Morrell Forbell was born on the 20th September 1815

William Forbell was born March 9th 1818

Cornelia Forbell was Born July 9th 1822

Sally Ann Forbell was Born December 11th 1824

John Rodney Forbell was born in the 24th November, 1829

John W. Pettit Born March 12 1823

[Page Three -- BIRTHS]

Henry Forbell Junr was borne on the 12 September 1836

Ann Maria Forbell was born on the 14 of March 1838

William A. Soper Born Sept. 12th 1851

Charles H. Soper Born Jan. 31st 1854

Noyse P. Soper Born Feb. 17th 1856

John E. Soper Born July July 2nd 1858

Jerome S. Soper Born Feb 17th 1863

Lillian C. Soper Born Sept 14th 1869

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