Frost Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from the Genealogical Records
Manuscript Entries of Births, Deaths and Marriages, taken from
Family Bibles 1581-1917
, Edited by Jeannie F-J. Robison and
Henrietta C. Bartlett, The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,
New York, 1917, p 88.


Below this line is verbatim from source, with some minor formatting changes.



Holy Bible in English; New York, Duyckinck, Collins &
Co., 1815.

Contains the records of Jacob Frost. It has descended to his
great-great-great-niece, Mrs. W. R. Caminoni, of Oyster Bay,
Long Island, the present owner.

The Property of Jacob Frost, Born Apl 2d 1752 Died Mar 17th 1837.

The Following is the Dates of Joseph and Martha Frosts Children
When Born

Amey Frost Born January 16th 1735

Micah Frost Born November 2d 1738

Elizabeth Frost Born February 24th 1741

Hannah Frost Born July 2d -- 1741

Wright Frost Born September 28th 1746

Caleb Frost Born June 18th 1749

Jacob Frost Born April 2d 1752

Sarah Frost Born June 16th 1755

Jacob Frost Departed this Life January 17,,1774 ----

Grace Frost Wife of the above named Jacob Frost Died Sept.
16,,1797 Aged 25 years 6 months and 21 Days ---

Jacob Frost died March 17th 1837 aged 84 years 11 months
and 15 days