Garbutt Bible


Garbutt / Sanderson Family Bible

Submitted December 1, 1996 by:
Mrs. Doreen Mallinson
1A Louisa Street
Kilsyth, Victoria
Australia 3137

Mrs. Mallinson submitted a one-page handwritten transcript she did from the original bible. She writes:

The bible and religious scriptures came to me in 1987 on the death of my father in Huddersfield, WRY [West Riding, Yorkshire, England], but it was only 4 years ago that I began my search for antecedents. In that time I've not found any family connection with the names listed, but am loathe to part with the books, knowing my father treasured them. If anyone contacts you regarding the GARBUTT or SANDERSON families, I do have more details on them, gained from my own research, which I would be willing to pass on.

Surnames in this record:


From the bible:

Robert Garbutt born 10 Dec 1834
Harriet Garbutt born Mar 9 1845
Albert Garbutt born Feb 14 1861
Tom Garbutt born May 7 1867
Ann Garbutt born Mar 12 1870
Robert Garbutt born Oct 23 1872
Margarate [sic] Garbutt born Mar 25 1874
Robert Garbutt died Oct[?] and was interred on the 2[?][indecipherable] Tom Sanderson was
born June 7 1877
John Sanderson was born Aug 16 1878 at the hour of 8 o'clock.
Agnes Sanderson was born 9 Dec 1883
Willie Sanderson was born Aug 22 1887
John Sanderson was born Aug 18 1887

From a Holy Scripture:

Marthan [sic] Ouldham May 28 1835
William Ouldham Aug 29 1841
George Ouldham Born Dec 3 1844
Nathan Outcliffe Born Sept 4 18[??] [34/36?]