Gardner Bible


Gardner Family Bible

Submitted June 27, 1997 by:
Charles R. Mercer
240 S. Greentrails Dr.
Chesterfield, MO 63017-2915

The following is from the bible of Sarah Ann (Hetzler) Steedsman Gardner and came
to us via her grandaughter, Margaret (Gardner) Natland of Garden Grove, California.
We have just had this bible refurbished and it is as good as new and is richly
illustrated and contains a biblical dictionary to boot. The Bible belongs to my wife,
Myrna C. (Natland) Mercer. Her mother, Margaret (Gardner) Natland inherited it f
from her father who got it from his mother, Sarah Ann (Hetzler) Steedsman Gardner.
I have extensive data on this family-all the way back to England in 1634. These folks
come from Mass. at nearly the earliest time. They were originally in Salem, MA and
then went to Nantucket, MA (They were Quakers. They then migrated to
Washington Co., ME, thence to New Brunswick Canada, thence to Grant Co. WI and
thence to Nebraska where the bible takes up the details. Charles R. Mercer.

Surnames in this record:

"New Devotional and Practical Pictorial Family Bible", The
National Publishing Company of Philadelphia, PA, Chicago, IL,
St. Louis, MO and Atlanta, GA. There is no date of publication,
but within the bible is a section which bears the date of 1872.
Therefore, the date of publication must be ca 1872.


David Gardner to Sarah Ann Steedsman Feb 16 1879 both of Lyons
Burt Co Neb aged 28 and 21

Wila A Gardner to Pirl Brundige june 22 1904 both of Long Beach
Cal aged 24 and 18


David Gardner born Aug 21-1850 Grant Co Wis

Sarah A Gardner born Oct 26 1857 Bureau Co Ill

Wila A Gardner born Dec 23 1879 Madison Co Neb

Alin Waldo Gardner born May 22 1881 Madison Co Neb

Ralph Merield Gardner born Aug 16 1882 Madison Co Neb

David Delmirt Gardner born March 2 1884 Madison Co Neb

Earl Arlo Gardner born Aug 9 1886 Cherry Co Neb

Lyda May Gardner born July 30 1889 Cherry Co Neb


David Gardner died Aug 28-1903 aged 53 years and 7 days