Garlock Bible

I've "rescued" a very old bible which belongs to the GARLOCK and LEWIS Families of New York.

Based on limited research I do find David GARLOCK age 77 living in Newark, NY with his daughter Sarah Jane LEWIS age 49 and her husband Gideon L. LEWIS age 53 and granddaughter Lulu V. LEWIS age 20 during the 1880 census. Gideon is said to have been born in PA (parents born in PA & VT respectively), with the others all NY born, with both Sarah Jane and David GARLOCK noting that all their parents were also NY born.

I also find Frances GARLOCK, a widow living in Monticello, IA during the 1880 census with two children, a son George H. GARLOCK age 20 and a daughter, Minola GARLOCK age 8. George H. is said to have been born in NY and Minola in IA, providing some indication of the timing of the families move from NY to IA.

It appears that the LEWIS Family was living in Arcadia, NY during the 1850 census with Lyman LEWIS noted as the head of household and son Phinney LEWIS age 17 at that time. I also find Catherine LEWIS KELLEY age 45 and her husband Anson KELLEY age 54 living in Rutland, MI during the 1880 census with a niece Mary ENNIS age 9. Catherine notes that both of her parents were born in VT with Anson listing his parents as born in NJ and CT respectively.

Further I find Stephen HOELTZEL b. 12 August 1887 died Dec 1970 in Newark, NY and Robert HOELTZEL b. 1 April 1920 died 4 Jan 2004 in East Palmyra or Newark, NY. I'm hoping to locate someone from these families so that this precious family treasure can be returned to family. If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact me.



The information contained in the bible is as follows:
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“The GARLOCK Family”

David GARLOCK lived in Syracuse, NY, married Sarah, had 8 children and in later years lived on a farm north of Newark, NY. Before they died they lived in the Village of Newark where Mrs. Sarah GARLOCK died 23 Sept 1879.


1-Sarah Jane GARLOCK b. 25 Jan 1829, married Gideon Lyman LEWIS on 28 Sept 1847. Mr. LEWIS was a hotelkeeper that died in 1897, Sarah died 3 May 1920. They had two children, Frank “Frankie” Elroy LEWIS b. 1853 and d.1872; and Lula Viola LEWIS b. 1859, married Charles F. HOELTZEL, died 1938 and had two children including Fredrick L. HOELTZEL and Stephen P. HOELTZEL, Stephen had a son Robert Lewis HOELTZEL.

2-George Washington GARLOCK b. 27 Dec 1831, married Frances WHITTING, and died 27 Jan 1879. They had three children including, George W. GARLOCK Jr.; Cora GARLOCK (m. DEWITT, believed to be a medicine manufacturer and extremely wealthy, Cora had homes in New York City and on the Hudson River); and Minola GARLOCK (had two children including Cora and one other). George Sr. and his family moved to Sioux City, Iowa.

3-Charles GARLOCK b. 30 Dec 1833, died 30 Sept 1834

4-Charles W. GARLOCK b. 14 Dec 1835, died 15 Sept 1837

5-Mary E. GARLOCK b. 26 March 1842, died 21 Aug 1842

6-Helen Mar GARLOCK b. 17 Aug 1844, married Capt. Daniel SANFORD who died in 1865, 2nd marriage to an “Actor”, she was a concert singer.

7&8-Herburt & Delbert GARLOCK b. 1 Aug 1851, Herburt died 8 Jan 1852, Delbert also died sometime in 1852.


· Gideon L. LEWIS married Sarah J. GARLOCK 28 Sept 1847
· Charles F. HOELTZEL married Lula V. LEWIS 14 June 1881

Births & Deaths:

· Gideon L. LEWIS b. 16 Oct 1821
· Sarah J. GARLOCK b. 25 Jan 1829, d. 3 May 1920
· George Washington GARLOCK b. 27 Dec 1831, d. 27 Jan 1879
· Charles GARLOCK b. 30 Dec 1833, d. 30 Sept 1834
· Charles W. GARLOCK b. 14 Nov 1835, d. 15 Sept 1837
· Mary E. GARLOCK b. 26 Mar 1840, d. 21 Aug 1841
· Helen M. GARLOCK b. 17 Aug 1843
· Hurburt GARLCOK b. 1 Aug 1851, d. 8 Jan 1852
· Delbert GARLCOK b. 1 Aug 1851, d. 1852
· Frank E. LEWIS b. 29 Nov 1853, d. 22 May 1872
· Charles F. HOELTZEL b. 20 Aug 1855, d. 1928
· Lula V. HOELTZEL b. 10 Nov 1859, d. 20 March 1938
· Sarah GARLOCK d. 23 Sept 1879
· Fred Lewis HOELTZEL b. 17 Sept 1883, d. 13 Feb 1919
· Stevie Pyatt HOELTZEL b. 12 Aug 1887

“The LEWIS Family”

Lyman LEWIS & wife Sarah had 8 children including;
1-Sally LEWIS who married John PIERSON
2-Amelia LEWIS who married Stephen PYETT
3-Catherine LEWIS who married Anson KELLY, daughter Roxy Minnie KELLY m. ? REED
4-Polly LEWIS who married ? SMITH
5-Alanosa LEWIS who married Hatty HINKLEY, son Lewis LEWIS
6-Phiny LEWIS
7-Gideon LEWIS
8-Alford LEWIS