Gaylord Bible

The Family Bible of Elijah Gaylord

Copied by: J. Stephenson in July of 1995 from the original Bible at the
home of Thelma WERNER Barnes, now deceased.
Location: Houston , TX , presently in the possession of Gretchen
BARNES, the daughter of the above, address unknown.
Submitted by:

J. Stephenson
844 Stratford Hall Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452


“ Family Bible of Elijah GAYLORD
……….. died in Syracuse 04 May, 1891 aged 92
To Jenney Eliza JOSLIN 312 Geddes St
…………A present from her Grandfather, E. GAYLORD
(Jane was named after his first & his last wife - Eliza & Jane)

Rev. Miles GAYLORD's sons, Elijah Hull GAYLORD & his brother Albert
& [their] cousin David GAYLORD never had a musical instruction, but it
was natural to them to play any instrument. E HULL taught his son Albert
called Al the science of music & that was all the help he ever had &
became a fine band master in Syracuse & NYC.

Albert was an expert jeweler. In his young days a man from NYC was
told to take his valuable gold watch that noone could make run, to Mr
GAYLORD. He did so & Albert, see[ing that] nothing ailed the watch so
he took a lodestone & drew out electricity & the watch ran alright.

David GAYLORD played the drum & fife in the Civil War & at home
played the lute, mandolin, & violin.

The Civil War ruined all the bright prospects of all the
grandchildren of Rev. Elijah GAYLORD.

Rev Miles GAYLORD was a retired minister & lived in Pulaski [Oswego
Co, NY] when I remember him. He was in the northern district

Family Record

- Elijah GAYLORD & Eliza STEARNS were married 15 Sept, 1821 by Rev.
JONIS [JONES] at Camden [Oneida Co, NY]
- E. GAYLORD & Charlotte BUNT [BURT] were married 19 Jun, 1869 at
Palermo (2nd wife)
- E. GAYLORD & Jane Smith FARRAR were married 27 Dec, 1876 at
Syracuse (3rd wife) ([They both had] burial at Syracuse [Onondaga Co,
- David Burch GAYLORD & Minerva JOHNSON married in Altmar [Oswego Co,
NY] at Aunt Caroline [STEARNS] RICH & Uncle Morgan RICH's home summer of
1850 or 1851 & went to Falls Church, [Fairfax Co,] VA. Ezra EDGET &
Eliza HASTINGS (a cousin of David) stood with them.
- Louisa Amanda GAYLORD & Augusta MABEL [MABIE] married XMAS 1872 in
- Emma Aurelia GAYLORD & Allen Manley JOSLIN married 28 MAR, 1872 in
- Jessie Fedealea [Fedelia] GAYLORD married to Eafream Derielli
JOSLIN in Oneida, May 1875
- Grace Mabel JOSLIN married Arthur Davenfort BARNES Camden 29 AUG,
- Arthur Clifford MABEL [MABIE] married Bell, who died in Pasadena,
CA, 1953
- Gertrude Minerva JOSLIN married Charles R. WILLARD Thanksgiving 26
NOV, 1914 in Conn.
- Florence Lillian JOSLIN married Charles A. PROSS in Syracuse
- Bessie Bell JOSLIN married Gordon GEDDINGS in Syracuse
- Alan Albert Joslin BARNES & Thelma Mary WERNER were married in
Buffalo [Erie Co, NY] on 10 AUG, 1940.
- Dann Davenport BARNES & Francis SCHWABLE were married in Staten
Island on 10 OCT, 1941.
- Sharon Kay BARNES & Jeffrey Livingston VYNER were married in
Channelview, TX on 30 MAR, 1963.
- Susan Gay BARNES & Michael B. STEPHENSON were married in
Channelview, TX - 02 APR, 1966.
- Jamie Grace BARNES wed Charles Albert PARKER,Jr.07 JUN,1975
- Alan Thomas BARNES & Sharon Lynn ROSS wed 20 DEC, 1974
- Elijah GAYLORD 13 MAR 1799 in Bristol, [Hartford Co,] CT
- Eliza GAYLORD 11 MAY 1804 Easton, Washington Co, NY (Original name
was Louisa)
- A son born to them & died 15 JUL 1822
- David Burch [GAYLORD] 12 JUN 1823 in Camden
- Adeline Fidelia [GAYLORD] 08 NOV 1828
- George Morrison [GAYLORD] 17 JUL 1830 Died 1864 in Andersonville
- Caroline Aurilia [GAYLORD] 08 NOV 1835
- Jane Marie [GAYLORD] 17NOV 1838
- To Fidealia Adaline & John ASHHALL - ([He] had been in Libby Prison &
II Battle of Wilderness.)
…… - two children buried in Camden.
……- Addison Elijah ASHHALL 06 MAY 1854 (died in Syracuse, NY 03 APR
- To Caroline & Sgt William BURNHAM (Died in Battle of Chancellorville
01 MAY 1863. Enlisted in 146E [NYSV] at age 30. 1st of regiment to be
killed in action.)
……- Francis [BURNHAM] 26 FEB 1855 in Florence [Oneida Co, NY]
…… - Julius Gaylord [BURNHAM] 1860 in Whitestown [Oneida Co, NY]
- To Jane & Leveret (Levit) STARKWEATHER (died in Andersonville
prison 25 DEC 1864. Enlisted.)
…….- Josephine [STARKWEATHER] in Camden

[The parents and siblings of Elijah Gaylord, the original owner of the

- Elijah GAYLORD 04 MAR 1771
- Hannah JOHNSON [HOTCHKISS] 24 JAN 1768
- Miles H. [GAYLORD] 06 FEB 1796
- Elijah (Jr) [GAYLORD] 13 MAR 1799
- Amanda [GAYLORD] 14 APR 1800
- Hannah H. [GAYLORD] 05 APR 1802
- Nancy M. [GAYLORD] 28 DEC 1804
- Charles [GAYLORD] 09 APR 1806
- Eunice [GAYLORD] 22 JUL 1809
- Candau [Candice] GAYLORD 06 SEP 1811

- To Daniel & Minerva GAYLORD
……- Louisa Amanda [GAYLORD] 06 JUL 1852 Born in Falls Church, Fairfax
Co, VA
……- Emma Aurelia [GAYLORD] 23 FEB 1854
……- Jessie Fidelia [GAYLORD] 03NOV 1857 in Camden
…...- a son died 3 days old named Elijah in Camden
- To Louisa & Augustus MABIE
……- A son Arthur [MABIE] 24 DEC 1875 in Camden
- To Emma & Allen JOSLIN
……- a daughter Grase [Grace] Mabel [JOSLIN] 17 FEB 1879 in Camden
.…...- Jane Eliza [JOSLIN] 14 JUL 1889
- To Jesie & Ephraim JOSLIN
……- Gertrude Manerva [Minerva] [JOSLIN] 28 MAR1876 in Oneida, NY
……- Florence Lillian [JOSLIN] 30 SEP 1882
……- Bessie Bell [JOSLIN] 13 JUL1887 in Canastota [Madison Co, NY]
- To Grace Joslin BARNES & Arthur BARNES
……- a son Dann Davenport [BARNES] in Buffalo, NY on 14 JUN 1907
……- 2nd son Alan Albert Joslin [BARNES] in Buffalo on 14 FEB 1912
- To Alan & Thelma BARNES
……- a daughter Sharon Kay [BARNES] in Buffalo [Private]
……- 2nd daughter Susan Gay [BARNES] on 09 NOV 1944 in Buffalo, NY
……- 3rd daughter Gretchen Jane [BARNES] [Private] in Buffalo
……- a son Alan Thomas [BARNES] [Private] in Annapolis, MD
……- a daughter Jamie Grace [BARNES] [Private] in Channelview, TX
- Jane Smith FARRAR GAYLORD - born 25 JAN 1818 in Sydney, Canada,
Midland District.
- To Sharon BARNES & Jeffrey Livingston VYNER
……- a son, Jeffrey Livingston VYNER II , in Houston, TX [Private]
- To Susan BARNES Stephenson and Michael B. STEPHENSON
.……- a son, Michael Rhett [STEPHENSON] in Portsmouth, VA [Private]
……- also a son, Andrew Alan [STEPHENSON] [Private] in Coronado, CA

- Eliza GAYLORD in Camden, NY in 1864
- Elijah GAYLORD [Jr] in Syracuse, NY 04 MAY 1891
- Jane Farrar GAYLORD in Syracuse, NY 18 SEP 1902 (in Pasadena, CA?)
- David Burch GAYLORD in Arkansas in SEP 1875 (about)
- Minarva Johnson GAYLORD in Camden, NY 14 APR 1862
- Fidelia Adelaide [GAYLORD] died 08 APR 1923
- Caroline A. [GAYLORD] BURCH died 09 APR 1903 in Camden
- Allen M. JOSLIN in Buffalo, NY on 17 MAR 1922 aged 76 yrs
- Emma Gaylord JOSLIN in Buffalo, NY on 11 DEC 1938 aged 84 yrs
- Arthur Davenport BARNES, beloved husband of Grace M. BARNES, in
Buffalo, NY on 19 DEC 1946, aged 70 yrs.
- Gordon H. GIDDINGS in Syracuse, NY on 15 JUL 1945
- Charles R WILLARD, in Syracuse, NY on 20 MAY 1936
- Charles A. PROSS, in Syracuse, NY on 05 AUG 1948
- Florence Lillian PROSS in Syracuse, NY 30 APR 1953 (71 yrs)
- Gertrude Minerva WILLARD in Syracuse, NY 09 DEC 1955 (aged 79 yrs)
- Louisa A. MABIE in Pasadena, CA on [no date given]
- Jessie Gaylord JOSLIN in Syracuse, NY 30 OCT 1946
- Ephraim D. JOSLIN in Syracuse, NY 09 JUL 1924
- Arthur C. MABIE in Pasadena, CA 29 MAR 1957
- Grace Mabel Joslin BARNES in Austin,TX 01 JUL 1959
- Louisa Gaylord MABIE in CA [no date given]
- Augustus MABIE 27 NOV 1890, in Idaho
- Addison ASHPOLE 03 APR 1937
- Jane Eliza JOSLIN in Baltimore, MD 18OCT 1966
- Alan Albert Joslin BARNES in Channelview, TX 23 JUN 1969 age 57
- Bess GIDDING AUG 1969 Syracuse, NY age 82
- Susan Gay Barnes STEPHENSON in Topsham, ME 03 NOV 1991”

Newspaper clippings placed in the Bible:
- Obit for Mrs. Mary A. SMITH

"Vernon, Jan 7 - Mrs. Mary A. Smith died here on Tuesday of Apoplexy in
her 76th year. She was an old & respected resident & a member of the
M.E. Church. Her husband, Francis Smith died seven years ago. He
leaves one son, George W. Smith of Oneida, & one daughter, Mrs. Babcock,
wife of Rev. C.E. Babcock of Canastota. The funeral will occur tomorrow
& the interment will be made in Vernon cemetery."
[Written on this in ink were: “1897”, “cousin”, & "to Ma".]

- Obit for Addison G. ASHPOLE

" Addison G. Ashpole died yesterday afternoon at his home, 204
Fernadle Ave. He was born at Camden 82 years ago & had resided in
Syracuse since he was a young man. He had been bookkeeper at the former
Smith Premier typewriter plant & at First Trust & Deposit Company.
Mr Ashpole was active in the affairs of the Wesleyan Methodist
church 63 years. Surviving are his wife, Ida Ashpole; two daughters,
Mrs George E. Maynard of Harrisburg, PA, & Mrs. Walter C. Johnson of
Syracuse; a son, Roy E. Ashpole, four grandchildren, & one great
Prayer service will be at the home at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon &
in Wesleyan Methodist Church at 2.30 o'clock. Rev. J.B. Knapperberger &
Rev William Montgomery will officiate. Burial will be in the Woodlawn

Additional papers placed in the Bible:

"Addelail Fidealia Gaylord Ashhall Day Hurd died 08 APR 1923
Addison G. Ashhall died 03 APR 1937"

"Augustus & Louisa married Xmas 1892 in Camden
She passed in Pasadena CA in [no date given]
(Son Arthur died in Pasadena CA 29 MAR 1957)"
"24 DEC 1875"

Empty envelope postmarked 21 MAR 1938 Syracuse, NY
Addressed as below:

"204 Fernadle Dr
Syracuse, NY

To: Mrs Emma JOSLIN
18 Celtic Place
Buffalo, NY "