George Bible

This Bible is in fair shape. Original binding still intact
but ready to come loose easily. Some pages are loose,
and others missing.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments.
Edinburgh: Printed by Mark and Charles Kerr, His
Majesty's Printers. MDCCXCI (1791). A certain amount
of old religious and civic clippings and flowers accompanied
this Bible, including a form letter to someone accepted
into the New Hampshire Society of Sons of the American

Currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire, ,



Auftin George Born Janry 2nd 1756
Lydia George Born Sept 3rd 1760
and Married March the 5th -------- 1782 [looks corrected to 1782 from 1781]
the Births of our Children are as followeth
Rebeckah Born June 4th ----------1782
James Born Sept the 10th --------1783
Levi Born December 20th ---------1785
John Born July the 7th ------------1786
Lydia Born Oct the 20th ----------1787
Nancy Born December the 5th -----1789
Auftin Born May the 18th ----------1792
Polley Born November the 12th ----1793
Joana Born February the 10th 1799

----------------------------------- [lines in bible]

Austin George died Jany 15 1817
Lydia George died March 8 1848
James George died Sept 25 1850
Austin George died Jun 25, 1832
Mary George Bacon died Oct. 10, 1836

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