Gerow Bible

Sumner & Goodman, Hartford, 1849.

The Bible itself is in good shape, however there are a
couple of holes in the genealogy papers that obliterated
a date or two. One person's entry was intentionally
removed by eraser. A curious anomaly here is that although
the dates of the children's marriages are all dutifully
listed, the names of the spouses are not : (

After the entries for the grandchildren's births, someone
pencilled the first names of the parent after the entry. These
names are in [brackets].

Bathsheba Gale in this Bible is a daughter in the GALE Bible on this site.

Census sources put this family in the Schuyler and Seneca
Counties in New York, confirmed by LDS.

This bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire
of .
Returned to descendant Brian Gerow, Along with Gale Bible


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PAGE ONE [flyleaf]

The Property of Denton and Bersheba Gerow
Written By Mark Jan 5 1869 [Marcus]

PAGE TWO [Births]

Denton Gerow was born January the 18th 1819

Bershaba L Gale was born October the 15th 1819

the children

Green M. Gerow was born October the 5th 1840

Bailey Gerow was born August the 2nd 1842

James N. Gerow was born January the 18th 1844

Mary Jane Gerow was born March the 27th 1846

Dewitt Clinton Gerow born Augustt the 2nd 1848

Marcus Xavier [?? unclear] Gerow born August the 18th 1850

Phebe C. Gerow born July the 14th 1852

Emily Cyrene Gerow born April the 18th XXX4 [my guess 1854 TSC]

Walter Gale Gerow born Sept 6th 1856

Elizabeth M. Gerow born December the 24th 1858

Anna Maria Gerow born December 24 1960


Phebe C. Gerow Died Oct 28th 1870

Marcus L. Gerow Died Aug the 6 1874

Birtrand D. Gerow [James} Died July 17th 1871

Francis S. Gerow Died March 26th 1874

Alton E. Gerow [Green] Died March 4th 1876

Mrs. Denton Gerow Died April 27 1888

Mr. Denton Gerow Died Feb the 16 1892

Green Miller Gerow [no date TSC]

PAGE FOUR [Marriages]

Mary J. Gerow Maried March the 2nd 1864

James N. Gerow Married March 23, 1867

Bailey A. Gerow Married Dec 27th 1868

Phebe C. Gerow Married Dec 27th 1868 [Elder Stone]

Dewitt C. Gerow Married Jan 1st 1870

Marcus L. Gerow Married Jan 16th 1872

Green M. Gerow Married Jan 1st 1873

[entry removed and illegible]

James N. Gerow Married August the 30th 1874

Anna M. Gerow Maried January 9th 1879

Elizabeth M. Gerow Married July 5th 1879

Emmily C. Gerow Married Feb the 16th '83

Denton and Bersheba Maried Aug the 1st 1839

[PAGE FIVE, Births]

Florence Brown [Mary] Born March 31st 1866

Agnes Gerow [James] Born June the 8th 1868

Jesse Brown [Mary] Born

Bertrand Gerow [James] Born

Nettie Brown [Mary] Born

Winnie Gene Gerow [Dewitt] Born May 23rd 1871

Maud Brown [Mary] Born

Frederick Denton Gerow [Marcus] Born April 16th 1872

Cora Gerow [James] Born May the 6th 1872

Lora B. Gerow [Bailey] Born Oct 28th 1872

Ethel Gerow [Dewitt] Born Jan 19

Ada Gerow [Green] Born

Leon [??? hard to read TSC] Gerow [Dewitt] Born March 13th

John B. Gerow [James] Born June 22nd 1875

Nettie E. Gerow [Marcus] Born June the 8th 1874

Claude Gerow [James] " Sept 22nd 1877

Denton Gerow [Green]

Joseph Denton Gerow [James] Nov the 8th 1879

[PAGE SIX, Births]

Augusta Pearl Wilcox [Elizabeth] Born Jan 31st 1880

Walter Glen Wilcox [Elizabeth] Born Nov 9 1882

Margie [??] Maud Gile [Anne] Born Jan 20th 1880

Dela May Wilcox [Elizabeth] Born Sept 24 1884

------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------------