Gilbert Bible

This is in the northern Illinois-Wisconsin border area.
They are handwritten records....I believe the Bible belonged
to a Mr Ward GILBERT and a Miss Debbey TERREY
who were married in 1809 in Simsbury. (Most likely Simsbury, Connecticut)

In possession of Selma --

The records are as follows:

Simsbury April 8, 1809 by Calvin Barber
Mr Ward GILBERT and Miss Debbey TERREY was married

Lyman MILLER and Debbey GILBERT was married June 10, 1852

Almira GILBERT and Henry SWEEK March 20, 1852 was married
(I am not sure if this is Sweek or Sweck)

Amelia Theresa GILBERT and Limon TERRY was married December 21, 1852
Amelia Theresa GILBERT and Lyman TERRY were married December 21, 1852
(there was two entries for this last one)

Eliza was born October 6, 1810
Betsy was born August 10, 1812
Josiah Ward was born November 8, 1814
Deborah was born May 29, 1817
Deborah second was born June 22, 1819
Marcellus was born November 28, 1821
Marcellus 2nd was born February 8, 1823
Emma was born July 23, 1825
Almira was born February 27, 1828
Panthia Malida was born August 29, 1830
Amelia Theresa was born May 16, 1833

(separate birth page)
Clarence Lyman Terry was born April 12, 1866
Emma Josephine Terry was born April 3, 1869

Marcellus first died February 28, 1822
Deborah first died April 10, 1819
Ward GILBERT died March 20, 1834 (the 4 here may be incorrect)
Josiah Ward GILBERT died 1863
Deborah 2nd died February 16, 1877
Debbey GILBERT MILLER died January 8, 1879