Gill Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments.
Hartford, Conn. American Publishing Company, 1870.

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire



[Page One -- Marriages]

George R. Gill + Emma F. Barrett married 1899 May 10

Edward W. Gill
Evelyn T. French married 1921 June 26

[Page Two -- Births]

Jerome A Gill

George R. Gill
Harrisburg, Penn.
1867-20 Dec 7
died Jan 3 1932

Emma F. Gill
Hinsdale, NH
1875-Mar 29
died May 14 1929

Edward W. Gill
Guilford, Vermont
1900-June 23

Evelyn F. Gill
Marlow, N.H.
1910 - Feb 26

Ramona G. Gill
1931 - April 23

Darrell M. Flagg
1918- Nov 8

Christopher D. Flagg
1954- May 27

Constance E. Flagg
1955 - May 25

[Page Three- Births]

Stephanie Castor
1972 - July

Daniel E. Castor
1973 - Nov.

[Additional Items]

There is an undated newspaper clipping with the
"My Grandfather's Clock" poem.

There is a bank reminder postcard dated August
6, 1925 addressed to: Mrs. Emma Gill 39
Valley Street, Keene N.H.

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