Gill Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments, New York, American Bible Society.,

This is a fairly generic ABS Bible from the post-war
era. The cover is hanging on by a single cord, and the
spine is damaged with many pieces missing. On the deaths
page is a certified copy of the death certificate of Mary
Lockwood, New York City, who was born 8/14/1875 and
died 7/16/1968, at age 93. It is stamped 7/30/1968. She was
single, and I wonder if this might have been in her possession
upon her death, passing out of the family. This death
certificate, with NYC and Sandusky Ohio mentioned, is the
only hint of where this family lived in the Bible.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Inside Front Cover]

Christmas preasant from Josep 1870

Clipping of a story "A Remarkable Coincidence"

Gills Bible

[Page One -- Marriages]

William Gill married to Martha L. Payne April 2nd 1834

Lane S. Lockwood to Mary P. Gill Nov. 23rd 1864

Joseph R. Gill to Susie E. Kirk June 26th 1870

Samuel R. Gill to Mary C. Alexander Jan 12th 1875

William Cooper to Eliza J. Howard Decem. 1878

[Page Two -- Births]

William Gill Nov. 19th, 1796

Martha L. Gill Dec 10th, 1810

Joseph R. Gill Sep 14th, 1837

Wm. D. Gill Dec. 12th, 1839

Mary P. Gill Nov. 10th, 1841

Samuel R. Gill Dec 16th, 1845

(Louise) Martha L. Lockwood March 8th, 1868

Anna G. Lockwood Sep 9th, 1870

Mary A. Lockwood Aug. 14, 1875

Mary C. Gill July 31 1852

Susie E. Gill Aug 17th, 1851

(Nellie) Mary E. Gill July 6th, 1872

(Winfield) Joseph W. Gill Dec 5th, 1877

Eliza J. Howard April 14, 1853

Robert A. Gill May 21, 1880

Wm. P. Gill - Feb. 16, 1883

S. Vincent Gill Sept. 1, 1893

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