Gray Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments, Utica, John W. Fuller & Co, 1857.

This Bible's pages are in good shape, but there
is spine and some signature damage. The binding itself
is still intact, with marbled endpages & flyleaves present.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Front Flyleaf]

Moses Miller Gray, from his mother,
Roxana Howard Gray

[on attached sheet]

August 1922

This Bible belongs to Alice A. Gray who has it in exchange
with Emily R. Gray for 12 volumes of an encyclopedia.

It is to belong after A. A. G. to Beata and her family as
George has the Moses Gray and Roxana Howard Gray
Family Bible.

I consider this a rare and unusual edition -- note the
illustrations -- taken from Egyptian and Etrusean Tombs
and other reliable sources. Antique Coins - Sculptures etc. etc.
see index of illustrations end of volume.

[Page One -- Marriages]

[clipping] MARRIED

ROBBINS - GRAY - On Wednesday, October 10, 1900,
at the residence of Mrs. Ada Gray, Cambridge, Mass.,
by Rev. Alexander McKenzie, Beata L. Gray to Joseph
H. Robbins of Sauquoit.

M. Miller Gray to Emily Townsend 1845, April 23rd
Sauquoit New York

George Gray to Amy N. Booth 1871. Nov. 1st
New Hartford New York

George Gray to Philippa A. Hart 1883 - Nov. 15th
Chico California

Beata Lousia to Joseph Herman Robbins 1900 Oct 10th
Cambridge Mass.

Ralph Moses Gray to Alice Sharp 1916 Dec 25
Thermolito. California -

[Page Two -- Births]

Moses Miller Gray 1820 Jan'y 9th
Clayville New York

Emily Townsend 1820 April 17th
Litchfield, New York


Henrietta Elzada Gray 1846 Feb'y 9th
Sauquoit, N.Y.

George M. Gray 1847 Nov'r 3rd
" [refering to Sauquoit, N.Y.]

Alice Amelia Gray 1850 Jan'y 4th
" [refering to Sauquoit, N.Y.]

Anna Mary Gray 1853 Aug. 26th
" [refering to Sauquoit, N.Y.]

Emily Roxana Gray 1856 March 21st
" [refering to Sauquoit, N.Y.]

Jessie Deete [?] Gray 1860 March 2nd
" [refering to Sauquoit, N.Y.]


Beata Louisa Gray 1872 Nov. 12th
Sauquoit, N.Y.

Ruth Emma Gray Aug 7 [?] 1884
Chico, Cal.

Ralph Moses Gray Sept 30 1885
" [refering to Chico, Cal.]

Jessie Phillipa Gray Oct. 8. 1887
" [refering to Chico, Cal.]

Alice Emily Gray Oct. 1, 1890

Philippa Ann Hart Nov. 20. 1852 in
LaCrosse. Wisconsin

Joseph Herman Robbins Jan. 14. 1876
White Lake. N.Y.

Alice Sharp October 3. 1888
Sharpdale, Colorado


Howard Royal Robbins
Dec. 17. 1901 Sauquoit, N.Y.

Brewster Gray Robbins
Dec. 22. 1907 Utica N.Y.

Alice Beata Robbins
April 25. 1914. Utica. N.Y.

Alice Carol Gray.
Feb. 8. 1918 Thermolito, Calif.

Philip Moses Gray
January 15. 1920 Oroville, Calif.

Dorothy Jessie Gray
April 1, 1922 Oroville, Calif.

William Rogers Gray
March 18. 1925. Oroville, Calif.

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Henrietta E. Gray 1847. Sept. 9th

Anna Mary Gray 1854. June 19th

Jessie Deette Gray 1876 Sept. 26th

Emily Townsend Gray -- 1888 Aug 22nd

Moses Miller Gray 1903 Sept. 14.

Ruth Emma Gray Dec. 28th '84

Alice Emily Gray Dec. 9th 1892


GRAY--In Chico, Dec. 28th, Ruth E.
infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Gray.
The funeral will take place from the
Presbyterian Church this Monday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.

[Page Four -- Card glued to blank sheet]

born in
Longmeadow, Massachusetts,
March 15th 1789.
Married July 30th 1809,
Moses Gray.
Died in Sauquoit, New York, June 15th 1869.
Her children arise up, and call her blessed.

[bookmark, handmade]

Simply To Thy I Cling

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------