Hale Bible

This Bible was submitted by Faye at fdy13@home.com

The following records were copied from Volume 383, Georgia Genealogical Records, submitted to DAR 1949, by the Elijah Clark Chapter NSDAR. This book can be found at the DAR Library in Washington, DC. The transcription is as correct as possible.The information contained in these records is the only information I have on these families.



Hale, Albert Lee - 1856

Family Bible record of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lee Hale-
( Oconee, County Georgia.)
Present owner: Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lee Hale- Watkinsville, Ga. R. F. D.

Grandfather (Father’s Side) - John Samuel Hale born Nov. 10, 1863- Died Sept. 16, 1940.
Grandmother (Father’s Side) - Nora Elizabeth Saxon born May 20, 1868- Died Nov. 12, 1946.
Grandfather (Mother’s Side) - Hollis Hulin Bowden born Nov. 28, 1856 Died Dec. 11, 1948.
Grandmother (Mother’s Side) - Camilla Caroline Downing born July 31, 1862. - Died June 27, 1939.

May 26, 1917 married Watkinsville, Ga.
Husband-Albert Lee Hale- Date of Birth- Nov. 13, 1894. Place of Birth- Oconee Co.
Wife - Jane Victoria Bowden - Date of Birth Oct. 15, 1897. Hall Co.

Rufus Lee Hale - Date of Birth- Apr. 3, 1918 Oconee Co. Date of Death Apr. 3, 1918 Oconee Co.
Albert Loyd Hale- Date of Birth- Feb. 28, 1919 Oconee Co. Date of marriage Oct. 19, 1940 Oconee Co. To Miss Elanor Lee Thrasher.
Roy Edward Hale - Date of Birth- June 7, 1921 Oconee Co. Date married Jan. 15, 1944 to Miss Eva Lucille Moore.
John Arthur Hale - Date of birth- Feb. 1, 1927 - Oconee Co.
Victor Clarence Hale- Date of birth May 24, 1934 Oconee Co.