Hallock Bible


Hallock Family Bible

Submitted February 16, 1997 by:
Arthur S. Hallock
Route 1 Box 198HHH
Deming, New Mexico USA 88030

The Family Bible of Oliver Blizzard Hallock 15 May 1871 to 1 October 1896
and Emma Amelia (Schwab) Hallock 19 December 1852 (Germany) to 2 January 1926.
The Family Bible is in my possession, having been handed down from Amelia to her son Samuel, then to Anna May (Mrs. Samuel,) then to my father (Elmer Arthur,) and then to me, is in relatively poor condition, leather bound, with no printers' dates on the title page. There are two dates printed within the text on two different sections; one is 1870 and the other is 1871, and my guess is that it was probably purchased about 1875. Written on the first leaf inside the cover is, "Oliver and Amelia Hallock" in blue-black ink, and each of the letters is outlined with a series of little dots.

Surnames in this record:

Pasted on the inside of the cover are three short poems, all referencing the death of an infant. Also pasted to the reverse of the first illustration is a piece of lined paper, handwritten in what appears to be the hand of Emma Amelia in reference to her brother:
"John Schwab.
Born in Switzerland
in the year 1842.
Died in Jersey City March 31st
1910 in the 68th year of his age.
buried April 7th 1910."

The Marriage Certificate page reads:
'This is To Certify that
Mr. "Oliver Hallock" and M "iss Amelia Schwab"
Were solemnly united by me in the HOLY BONDS of MATRIMONY,
at "William Greening's" on the "Twelfth" day of "October"
in the year of our Lord One Thousand, Eight Hundred and "Seventy"
conformably to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State. "of New York"
In Presence of Signed,
"Daniel Clark" "S. C. Merteenes [?]"
"James N. Middaugh" "Minister of the Gospel"'

[The above is written in blue-black ink, very faded, and continued with the little "dots" around each character. Below, started with the first five entries in violet ink and written at the same sitting, corrected with blue-black ink; then the next three entries in blue ink and quite faded but legible, and continuing with black and blue-black inks in several different sittings.]

"Family Record Births

Oliver Hallock Born May the 15th 1835 [Changed to 1834]
Emma A Hallock Born December the 19th 1853 [Changed to 1852]
Samuel J Hallock Born November the 7th 1871
Adella E Hallock Born October the 9th 1874
Johney H Hallock Born March the 26th 1878

Anna M. Hallock Born March 17th 1876.
Eunice L. Hallock Born October 17th 1897.
Oliver L. Hallock Born January 11th 1899.
Harold C. Hallock. Born February 12th 1900
Wilbur J. Hallock. Born March 11th 1901
Raymond S. Hallock Born April 9th 1903.
Merlin J. Hallock Born May 15th 1904
Edgar R. Hallock. Born September 30th 1909
Charles H. Hallock. Born May 13th 1911
Carl E. Hallock Born September 18th 1914
Elmer A. Hallock Born January 5th 1917"

"Family Record

Johney H Hallock. Died March the 26th 1878
Adella E Hallock Died January the 4th 1882
Oliver B. Hallock Died October the 1st 1896 [Note*]
Amelia K. Hallock Died January. 2nd 1926. [Note**]
Harold C Hallock Died May 18th 1900
Carl E Hallock Died Sept. 21st 1914.
Amelia Hallock Hallenbeck Died Jan 2nd 1926 [Note***]

[* this entry was originally written as the year 1895, but corrected over the top of it in what appears to be the same ink at the same writing.]
[** have no idea where the middle initial of "K" is derived, but the two records (of Amelia) appear to be written in the same hand, yet the two in between appear to be two different persons' handwriting.]
[*** After the death of Oliver B., Emma Amelia married a Chris Hallenbeck, operated a boarding house on "Pond Eddy Lane in Pond Eddy, Sullivan County, New York." She painted in oils many local scenes of the time, and always initialed her paintings as "E.A.H."]