Hare Bible


Hare Family Bible

Submitted March 11, 1997 by:
Doug Hare
4322 Houlihan Place
Victoria, BC
V8N 3T1

This record was obtained from Mr. George Foster rel. to Sarepta-Ann.
Probably from a bible in her possession. Initial entries here all
made about the time of Sarepta-Ann's birth.

Could be from Arthur or Clarissa's bible.

Surnames found in this record:

-->first page:


Mr Arthur Hare was married to
Miss Clarrissa Marsh on
Tuesday the 22nd day of September A.D

Mr John H. Hare was married to
Miss Susan Moore on the
6th of October A.D.

Miss Elizabeth Hare was married to
Mr Stephen Smithe on the
1st day of January 1854.

Miss Huldah Hare was married to
Mister Charles Shain
6th Oct 1858.


Mr Arthur Hare was born
Sept 5th 1808.

Miss Clarrisa Hare was born
Jan 15th 1809.

Mr J. H. Hare was born
July 20th 1830.

Miss Elizabeth Hare was born
May 19th 1832.

Miss Huldah Hare was born
Dec 24th 1834.

Mr James D. Hare was born
June 20th 1838.

Miss Amy Hare was born
May 30th 1840.

Mr George W. Hare was born
Sept 30th 1842.


Mr George W. Hare, died at
Tillsonburg, Ontario,
April 18 1929.

--> second page:

Mr Daniel Hare was born
Sept 21st 1845.

Miss Sarepta-Ann was born
Sept 6th 1848.

Llewelyn Hernandez Hare was born
on the 12th of December 1852.


Miss Amy Hare was married to
Thomas Cameron on the
4th day of August 1862.

Mr John H. Hare was married to
Miss Nancy Jane Hayes on the
13th day of February 1864.

Deaths: [and some births & marriages]

Mr James D. Hare
deceased Sept 18th 1843.

Mrs Clarrissa Hare
died on the 24th of March 1864.

Mr Daniel Hare 20 177[5 or 6?]
and died February 1843.

Huldah Hare born March 13 [year scratched out,
and 1782 added by submitter]
died July 10 1865.

Miss Sarepta Hare was married to
George Wilsie on the
25 day of December 1867.

Daniel Hare was married to
Harriet Robson
January the first day of 1868.

Charles H. Shain died Oct 7 1873.

Llewelling Hare died April 22 1884.

Loyed Hare his son died April 15 1884.

Threpsa Burt died March the first 1885.