Hasbrouck Bible

This record was published in the New York Genealogical and
Biographical Record
, Vol 14, No. 1, January, 1923, p 64-5.


----------------Everything below is verbatim from source------------


Haigh, Hallett, Hasbrouck, Jones, Stout-Waldron-Benham, Grant-Whitney,
Moore, Rice, Cornell, Miller; Revolutionary War Veterans

Contributed by Janet McKay Cowing
Corresponding Member, N.Y. Gen. and Biog. Society for Seneca County, N.Y.


Charles Hasbrouck, born April 11th, 1818; married to Ellen Christie, March 31st,
1842, and again to Catharine W. Campbell, Feb. 2nd, 1858; died Nov. 25th, 1877.

His issue by his first wife are: --
Sarah Anna, born Feb. 10th, 1842.
Charles Dewitt, born May 28th, 1845.
Mary Ellen, born Feb. 28th, 1850.
Margaret Van Vleck [or Vlick], born Dec. 10th, 1851.

By his second wife: --
Eva Myer, born Dec. 9th, 1857. [This date of birth is not in harmony with the date
of Charles Hasbrouck's 2nd marriage as given above. J.R.T., Editor]

Charles Hasbrouck, died at Hackensack, N.J.

Sarah Anna Hasbrouck, eldest daughter of Charles, married Dr. I.J. Wells, Feb. 28,
1866. Her children are: --

Charles Hasbrouck [Wells], born Nov. 30th, 1867; married to Susan E. Vliet,
Dec. 26th, 1888; died July 19, 1891, at Nanuet, N.J.
Mary Ellen [Wells], born Dec. 30th, 1869; married A. C. Piper, Aug. 3, 1892.
Ella [Wells], born May 22nd, 1872; died Dec. 20, 1876, at Hackensack, N.J.
Eva Catharine [Wells], born March 24, 1881.
Elwood [Wells], born Aug. 11th, 1883.

Charles Dewitt Hasbrouck married Henrietta Berry, 1868, and died in N.Y. City,
June 16, 1891.
His children are: --

Henry A., born --, 29th, 1869; died in N.Y. City, Jan. 7th, 1881
Bertisette B., born Jan. 20th, 1871; died in N.Y. City, Feb. 1st, 1881.

Margaret Van Vleck Hasbrouck was married to Archibald Nivin, April 27th, 1878.
Her child is: --

Mary Hasbrouck [Nivin], born Oct. 19, 1879.

Eva Myer Hasbrouck married George Skinner, Dec.21st, 1885; died Dec. 21st,
1885, [Sic]

The great-grandchildren of Charles Hasbrouck are: --

Hilda Hasbrouck Wells, born Nov. 5th, 1889.
Howard Russel Piper, born Jan. 28th, 1896.

*The original manuscript of which this Hasbrouck family note is a true copy is page
No. 58 of what appears to have been a commercial ledger. The origin of the
manuscript is not known. The original is on file amongst the manuscript collections
of the N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Society, indexed under the name Hasbrouck.