Haygood Bible

Haygood Family Bible

Submitted Aug 1998 by:
Lucille Haygood Staiger
Rt 7, Box 3570. Palmyra, VA. 22963(1998).

NOTE:The actual pages of the Haygood family Bible were removed in order to file
for a Revolutionary War pension for the widow of Benjamin Haygood for his service
in the Revolution (the name on the file in the National Archives is spelled
Benjamin Hogwood) The original is in the National Archives, Pension Files,
Washington, D.C. (Copied from photostatic copies of the actual pages of the
Haygood Family Bible). (This symbol "/" denotes end of line) The photostatic
copy is in the possession of Lucille Haygood Staiger, Rt 7, Box 3570. Palmyra,
VA. 22963 (1998). The information contained herein is taken from the photostatic


Haygood, Benjamin
Haygood, Benjamin Jr.
Haygood, Elizabeth
Haygood, Frances
Haygood, James
Haygood, John
Haygood, Nancy
Haygood, Sarry
Haygood, William
Hogwood, Benjamin

Clovy Filis,
Filis, a girl of Clovy's
James, a son of Pier's

Benjamin Haygood was born / the year 1758 /
John Haygood son of said / Benjamin Haygood was/
borne the 18 of October /

Nancy Haygood was born/ January 2 1781 /
James Haygood was / born 25th of May 1783 /
William Haygood was / born 28th day of September / 1785 /
Elizabeth Haygood / was borne the 3rd December / 1788 /
Frances Haygood / was born the 26th of January / 1792/
Sarry Haygood was born / 17th of November 1795 /
Benjamin Haygood / Jun was borne the 17th of / April 1799 /

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Manuwill was borne / August 1803/ Clovy was borne August / 1805 /
Pier was borne / August 21st 1807 /
Filis was borne 3rd of April / 1809 /
Luis was borne 3rd of April / 1811 /
Sealy was borne May 11th/ 1813 / Lusa was borne 21st of February / 1815 /
Martha was borne 27th Jan / 1821/
Filis a girl of Clovys / was born 28th December / 1825 /
James a son of Piers / was born January the / 3rd 1822 /

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medison for the gravil / take hunney bees and / dry them in a pot and /
beet them to powder and / pour Billing warter to / to them one tee cup to one
quart of water and / drink of it one teespoon / at time three or fore times
a day /

medison for heda---- / take the fillings/ of Steel a half of a po--- /
and brimstone beet one / ons. Of them-brimstone-together and / wrapt them
up toget / her in the fier and burn / them well and beet / them and put it
in one gallion of peach / Brandy and drink / three spunfuls a day /