Higgins Bible

Submitted October 12, 1998 by:
Cornelia Warner
800 Lees Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90815-5010

This was sent to me by a cousin as an fgs with the notation that it came
from a large family Bible owned by a Charles Higgins of Georgia. He will
not make copies of the Bible, but once let a cousin of mine see it. I never
have seen it. I have no idea how it is presented.

Surnames in this bible:


John Higgins & Elizabeth (Black?)
their children;
Elizabeth b. Nov 29, 1802
Phillemon b. Dec 17, 1804
Margaret b. Jan 12, 1807
Rebecca b. Feb 11 1809
John Lofton b. Mar 2, 1811
Catherine b. Dec 24 1812
David W. b. Dec 2, 1814
Lodoisky b. Jun 2, 1817
Louisa America b. Feb 28, 1819
Josia H. b. Sep 25, 1821
George H. b. Nov 12, 1823
Susannah Jane b. Aug 20, 1826

[This is family and I have a fair amount of information]

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