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Hightower Family Bible

Submitted October 1996 by:
Tim Cox

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Mr.. Fred Eiken, from Conyers, Ga. sent me the following on article on the Hightower's. I am forwarding it to you for your consideration and possible help with someone's connections.
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Surnames in this record:

The following is a true copy of the family record in the Bible of James Hightower (1777-1851, made from photostats of the original pages. The Bible is owned by Mrs.. G. Pope Huguley, of Atlanta, Ga. Following the record, I have added a few notes to explain parts of the record which would not be clearly understood by one having only the Bible record as written.


James Hightower was born January 11th, 1777.

Betsey Leggett was born July the 7th 1783.

Charnal Hightower was born October the 7th 1800.

Polly Campbell Hightower was born Oct. 14th 1803.

James Mellard Hightower was born Oct. 13th 1805.

John Judge Hightower was born May the 9th 1808.

Milley Arnold Hightower was born Nov. 25th 1811.

Daniel Hightower was born Feb. 14th 1814.

Betsey Hightower was born July 16th 1816.

David Clements Hightower was born Nov. 18th 1818.

Harriett An Hightower was born March, 18th 1821.

The infant that died was born Sept 22, 1823.

Albinah Caroline Hightower was born August 1st A D 1826.

Elizabeth C. Hightower was born June 27th 1822 (*).

James M. Hightower was born March 1 1824 (*).


James Hightower and Betsey Leggett were married March 28th 1799.


Thomas Hightower Sr departed this life Sept 22nd, 1803.

James Leggett Jr. departed this life Nov. 25th, 1807.

James Leggett Senr. departed this life Oct. 2nd 1808.

Charnal Hightower Departed this life Oct 7th, 1824.

Polley C. Cowles Departed this life Sept 15th 1824.

David C Hightower departed this life August 8th day, 1839.

Charlotte Hightower wife of John J. Hightower departed this life
A D 1841.

John J Hightower departed this life A D 1843.

Harriet A. Pitts departed this life June 4th A D 1847.

Caroline Hightower wife of James M. Hightower departed this life 24th May A D 1847.

Mary E. Evans daughter of James M. Hightower departed this life July A D 1847.

Dr. S. P. Ivey departed this life Sept 25th 1852.

James Hightower departed this life March the 25th A D 1851.

Daniel Hightower departed this life Augst the 28th A. D. 1853.

Albina C. Dozier departed this life October the 16th A D 1857.

The above record is copied as nearly like the original as can be done with a typewriter, with punctuation, spelling and capitalization exact.

(*) NOTES: Elizabeth C. and James M. Hightower, whose births are entered after that of Albinah, who was born earlier, were the children of Charnal, who died Oct. 7, 1824. Their mother remarried about 1827 and the Hightower grandparent took the children and reared them. Dr. S. P. Ivey was the first husband of Albinah Caroline. She later married John Dozier.

The spelling "Mellard" in entry of James Mellard Hightower is probably an error, as the family and records always used the name "Millard" when the middle name was used.

Entries in this Bible up to 1819 are all entered in very fine script by the same hand--probably done soon after purchase of the book by an expert penman. Late entries are in different handwriting, varying with the different times.

Atlanta, Georgia, September 1, 1954 Walter A. Walker