Hirst/Hirsh Bible

The pages were separated from the Bible, so
any dating here is impossible. I would guess
1890s. Please judge for yourselves.

The HIRST name appears as HIRSH through
a lot of these entries. Some are clearly
HIRST with a crossed T and the rest are
ambiguous. They would be interpreted by me as
HIRSH if they were not in a document with these
other HIRSTs.

These Bible pages are currently in the possession
of Tracy St. Claire

These pages were returned to descendants
Matthew Hankins and Paula Hirst .


TRANSCRIPT BEGINS HERE____________________

[Page One -- Parent's Names]

Matthew + Ann Hirst
Married July 14.1868. at the
Dawsbury [Dewsbury?] Parish Church
by the Rev A. D. Wilkins M.A.

Resd George Hirst + Emma Lou Skatwold
at Waupaca Wisconsin U.S.A.
St. Marks Church Wis.

AnneHirst + Harry Philson
at Church of St. James The Less
P.C. Church

[Page Two -- Children's Names]

Annie Hirst
8P.M. Sat Eve
Born November 20, 1869

George Hirst
10 past 5 Tue Morning
Born Aug the 15 1871

Emma Hirst
15 past 8 Evening Friday
Born Sep the 19 1843

Florence Hirst
20 to 9 Wednesday Eveng
Born Sep the 1 1845

Matthew Hirst Born
Sep the 26 7.50 AM 1879

Nellie Hirst Born Sep the 14
10.20AM 1881

"Baby" Philson 21st Aug 1906

Lily Hirst Born Dec 20 1877
2oc Thursdy Morn

[Page Three -- Marriages]

Anna Hirst to H. Philson at
St. James the Less, Falls of Schuykill
Philadelphia August 26, 1893.

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Dear Little Lillian Born
Died [Jan crossed out] Feb 12th 1906
of Diptheria
+ corrected to 2/12/1905 [added later]

------------END TRANSCRIPT-----------

Addendum from descendants Matthew Hankins and Paula Hirst :

"We discovered your posting of the Hirst Family Bible pages at the Genforum web site and were pleasantly suprised to find George Hirst and Emma Skatvold amoung the names. George and Emma are the great grandparents of my wife. We have thus far been unable to find much information on them. We do know that he was an episcopal priest and preached at several churches in Wisconsin including St. Olaf's in Eau Claire. The family later moved to Lewiston, Montana and established the episcopal church there. Having look at the scanned pages, we think that the first marriage is of George's parents and the others are his siblings."