Hocking Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, New York,
Published by N. & J. White, 1836. Not in Hills, but similar to Hills #971.

This Bible is in fair condition. The pages are in good shape with minimal
foxing, the front board is off and the spine is badly flaking and just hanging
there. The traditional pages for family history have been neatly cut out and
are missing, with family history written in the front flyleaves.

The obvious thing that jumps out at you about this family is that they are Titanic
survivors. In fact, the Hocking family is one of the more famous Titanic stories,
making this Bible a candidate for a possible forgery. I will leave that to your

It was not forged by me. It was not sold to me as a "Titanic Bible". I bought it in a
lot of three older Bibles, and family history of any sort was not mentioned for these
Bibles. I purchased them knowing that odds were high that Bibles of that age would
have family history.

That said, there are three sets of handwriting within this group, all looking pretty
modern. My confidence level for this Bible is not as high as others I have transcribed.
That said, the genealogy information correlates well with other information on the
Internet, and has information not found on the Internet. If it is a forgery, it was not

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire, tracy@stclaire.org.


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Alise Isabel Porter born Jan 31/ 1898
Lovilla Bertha " " May 16 -- 1896
Claude Adebert " " Jan 14 1895

Children born to
Adelbert Herbert Porter May 11 -- 1874
Elsie Gardner " Sept 9 -- 1875

Grand Parents
Namaw Porter
Favorite Porter
Frank Gardner
Louise Gardner

Alice Porter Fonda mother of Doris Fonda Hambley
Alfred "

Lovilla Porter Allen " of Dorothy Allen Mills
Claude " Father of Jane Porter Wingenbach
" " Donald "
" " Marion " Cronin
" " Elyse " Kenworthy
" " Richard "
" " Adelbert " died Sept / 1918
born Nov 1 1918

Grandchildren of Alice Porter Fonda

Richard Hambly son of Doris and Jack Hambly
Alison " daughter " " " " "
Debbie " " " " " " "
Brent " son " " " " " "
Judy Fonda, daughter of Alfred B Fonda
Mark " son of Louis & Joyce Fonda

[Page Two -- Front Flyleaf. The words below have some arrows
and " for ditto marks among them. I am spelling things out for clarity]

Penzance Cornwall England
Elizabeth Peed's Hocking Mother Survivor[s] of Titanic
William Rowe Hocking Father
William James Hocking Son
Sidney Hocking Son
Emily Hocking Daughter Survivor[s] of Titanic
Willie, George, Amy
Nellie Hocking Daughter Survivor[s] of Titanic
George, Richard Hocking Son Drowned on the Titanic
April 12th 1912.

Grandfather Peed's of Ding, Dong.
Daughters Joyce, Mary --Scilly Isles, Heddy --St. Just,
Ellen & Elizabeth

Grandmother & Grandfather Hocking lived at Chyndower
Penzance England

[Page Three -- Front Flyleaf]

Nellie Hocking Age 23 years
George Charles Hambly 25 years
Married May 14th 1913 Akron Ohio

Nellie May Hambly March 4th 1914

William Jack Hambly Born August ninth 1916

Robert Trelawney [??] Hambly Born July 30th 1919. Schenectady

Doris Marie Fonda -- born Sept 6, 1923 in Erie, Pa. married William
Jack Hambly Nov. 28th 1942 in Champaign, Illinois.

[Son's entry removed for privacy]
[Daughter's entry removed for privacy]
[Daughter's entry removed for privacy]
[Son's entry removed for privacy]

[living wife] Van Cott -- born [removed for privacy]
married Robert Hambly Feb. 10, 1942 in Schenectady, New York.

[Son's entry removed for privacy]

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------