Holtzman Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments, New York, N & J White, 1833.

This Bible is in horrible shape, one of the few in my
possession that I think might not be salvagable.
There appeared at first glance to be no family
history (and, in fact, there are no pages for this).
However, I did find one page with one entry and
a poem. Not much, but still valuable if it is your
missing link, no?

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire



TRANSCRIPT BEGINS HERE____________________

We weep for the circle broken
for affections severed ties
But we mourn not in hopelefs sorrow
our darknefs is not all gloom
For from faith can our lone hearts borrow
A light that illumes the tomb
Farewell dear beloved brother
Thou more dear than words may tell
Love me yet altho were parted
Far in distant lands to dwell
Remember me at evening hour
When memory's savored spels prevail
Fancy you see the glisning tear
which now prevents mine eyes to see
Then in the whispering breze youl hear
my parting prays remember me

Clarifsa B. Geil

Mrs. Ann Holtzman formerly Ann Alexander
joined the Presbyterian Church under the
Rev.J. Parton in the 22nd year of her age
was born 1775 Frederick County, Maryland

---------------END OF TRANSCRIPT--------