Hosteter Bible


Submitted December 1998:
Sue Marvelyn (Butterfield) Picard
220 Royal Oak Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23322
phone: 757-482-3023

I extracted the following family information from the Hosteter family bible at the
Hosteter Reunion at Guttenburg, IA on July 5, 1980. The bible is now in the possession
of Richard Millen of Cedar Rapids, IA, the son of Raymond W. Millen and E. Fern Hosteter.
I am the granddaughter of the late Gean Lamb Hosteter Butterfield.
(*Richard Millen has since deceased, bible as far as I know is still with
his wife, Gladys Millen-1998)

The Pronouncing Edition of the Holy Bible
By Pr S. F. Williams
W. A. Edwards
7 S. Sixth St., Mpls, 79 W. Third St., St.P., 511 Locust St., Des Moines
copyright 1890

Surnames in this file:

//First Page
This Certifies
That E. Lincoln Hosteter
Of Somerset Co., Penn.
And Francis R. Lamb
Of Black Hawk Co., Iowa
Were united by me in the
Bond of Holy Matrimony
At Waterloo, IA. On the 4th day of
September in the year of our Lord 1890
Rev. C. H. Purmont

//Second Page
E. L. Hosteter
Francis Lamb-Thurs. Sept. 4th 1890-8:00pm
Raymond W. Millen
E. Fern Hosteter-Fri. Sept. 4th 1914 noon
Harold E. Duke
Ruth I. Hosteter-Sun. Aug. 11th 1918
Raymond O. Butterfield
Zola V. Hosteter-Wed. June 2nd 1920 5:00pm
Glade H. Butterfield
Gean L. Hosteter-Tue. May 17th 1921-1:00pm

//Third Page
E.L. Hosteter -Jan. 2nd 1862
Francis Lamb -Oct. 20th 1871
E. Fern Hosteter -Thurs. Apr. 28th 1892 11:55pm
Zola V. Hosteter -Wed. Feb. 7th 1894 5:10pm
Ruth I. Hosteter -Tue. Aug. 16th 1898 4:00am
Gean L. Hosteter -Wed. Jan. 30th 1901 9:00pm
Madge B. Hosteter -Tue. Oct. 11, 1904 10:10pm
Allene F. Hosteter -Sun. June 30th, 1907 10:15pm
Richard F. Millen- June 27th, 1916
Phillip H. Millen- Dec. 12th, 1918 noon
Donald Raymond Butterfield -Tue. Dec. 20th, 1922
Glade H. Butterfield, Jr. -Feb. 14th, 1923 Wed. 5:30am
David Hosteter Duke- Jan. 10th 1925 10:00am Tue. 16 degrees below zero

//Fourth Page
Mrs. Sarah Churchill Lamb Sept. 9th, 1925