Hotchkiss Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Teftaments,
Edinburgh, Mark and Charles Kerr, His Majesty's Printers.
MDCCXCI (that's 1791, to you and me). Herbert 1355.

This Bible is in fair condition, but is great for its age. The
back cover is present but loose, and the front cover is
attached (barely). The spine is almost intact, with some pieces
around the top and bottom loose.

I cannot tell if the heavily-damaged page (1 & 2, below) is
original to the Bible, or was inserted.

Per certain Internet records (unverified) this family is from New
Haven, Connecticut.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Either Front Flyleaf or Insert]

Noah Hotchkifs waf Born January 9 1760

Abigal Hitchcock was Born December 12th ??

--hey were Maried together April 12th A. 17--

Charlotte was Born January 19 A. 178- [looks like 1787]
waf Maried May 1th A. 1806 to Jefse Per---

Samuel --- [Hickok?] was Born February 6th 1795
Was Given to me by his Mother October 12

Hiram Perkins Son to Jefse & Charlotte was Born
April 18th A. 1807

Hiram Taff was Born Jully 24th A. 1793
Died July 8th ---------A. 1797

Moriah Perkins waf born April 19 ---

Celifta [??] Perkins was Born January 20th 1811

Jesse D. Perkins was born October the 17 1813

Nancy Perkins was born November the 8 1815

Noah H. Perkins was Born December the 26 1817

Archibald A. Perkins was Born April the 2 1819

Maria was married August [October crossed out]
13 1827 Orlando

Francis Helen Beers was born Jan ---

[Page Two -- Either Front Flyleaf or Insert]

My father John Hotchkifs died November - ---

My mother Sarah Hotchkifs Died February - [7?] 18--

My Wife's father Matthias Hitchcock Died February
the 9th 1804

her Mother Eunice Hitchcock Died November 23 1803
[1810 crossed out]

Noah Hotchkiss Died June 20th 1812 in the 50th year
of his age

Abigail Hotchkiss Died June 27 1835 in the 73 year of
her age

Jesse [Jefse written over] Perkins Died March the 13 AD 1828
in the 42 years of his age

[Page Three -- Page Before OT Title Page]

Noah Hotchkifs's Book
Bought in the year of our Lord 1793
Price L 1-0-0 (L=British Pound Sign)

Noah Hotchkifs's
Book Bought
October the 19 A 1793
Price L 1-0-0

[Page Four -- Page Opposite NT Title Page]

Charlotte Perkins of Prospect was married
in the 49th year of her age
to Shelden Wooding of Pittsfield October 4 1835
in the 57th year of his age

[Page Five -- Reverse of NT Title Page]

Noah Hotchkifs Died June 2 1812 in the 50th
year of his age

Abigail Hotchkifs Died June 27 1835 In the 73
year of age

Hiram Perkins was born April 18 1807

Maria Perkins was born April 19 1809

Celistia born January the 20 1811

Jesse Deloss born October 17 1812

Nancy born November 8 1813

Noah H. born December 26 1815

Archabald A. born April 2 1817

Deaths Jesse Perkins Died March the 13 1828
Aged 42

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------