Howell Bible


Howell / Thomas Family Bible

Submitted November 7, 1997 by:
Stephen A. and Hazel Roberts
#44-4318 Emily Carr Drive
Victoria, BC V8X 5E7 Canada

This is a typewritten copy of the entries in a family bible currently in my possession. This bible is a two volume
edition of "The Devotional Family Bible" by Rev. Alexander Fletcher, D. D.; London and New York: Virtue, Emmins
and Roberts. Date of publication unknown. The entries refer to the descendants of John Howell [1827-1890] and
Esther Maria Edmunds [1828-1903].
John Howell was the 2nd child of John Howell, Sr., [1798-1883?] and Sarah Thomas [1799-1873] who are the great-great grandparents of my wife. - Stephen A. Roberts.

Surnames found in this record:
HATFIELD (clergy)
LEAVENS (clergy)
MCCREADY (clergy)
SMITH (clergy)



In Dundas, Canada West, on the 22nd of July, 1851, Mr. John Howell of
New York, U S, born in Swansea, South Wales, G. B., December 23rd, 1827
to Miss Esther Maria Edmunds of Dundas. Born Bristol, England, November
12th, 1828.

In New York, April 15th, 1886 at Lexington Ave. and 68th Str., Henry
W. Thomas of New York, born July 19th, 1857 in London, England., to Esther
Louisa Howell of New York, born July 23rd, 1854.


Edwin John Hill [Howell], June 30th, 1852, New York. Baptized by
Rev. Dr. Hatfield, November 14th, 1852, 7th Presbyterian Church, New

Esther Louisa [Howell], born July 23, 1854 in the City of New York.
Baptized by Dr. Hatfield.

Fannie [Howell] born Nov 15th 1861 in the City of New York. Baptized
by Rev. T. R. Smith at the 7th Presbyterian Church.

Thomas Charles [Howell] born April 13th 1864 in the City of New York.
Baptized by Rev. T. R. Smith at the 7th Presbyterian Church.

Esther Irene, born July 6, 1887, to Henry W. and Esther L. Thomas.

Edith Howell, born Sep. 13, 1888 to Henry W. and Esther L. Thomas.
Baptized by Rev. R. H. McCready, in the Prospect Hill Presby. Church,
New York.

Henry William, born Jan'y 15th, 1890 to H.W. and Esther L. Thomas.
Baptized July 20th, 1890 by the Rev. P. F. Leavens in the 1st Presby.
Church, Passaic, N. J.

[Note: The last three were born in the Training Dept. Of Normal College,
Lexington Ave. and 68th St., New York City.]


Thomas Charles on Sept. 4th, 1866, aged 2 years and 4 months. Buried at
Cyprus Hills, St. Davids ground. Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fannie on November 24th, 1869. Aged eight years and nine days.
Buried at Cyprus Hills Cemetery.

Esther Irene, daughter of Henry W. and Esther L. Thomas, on Sept.
22nd, 1887. Aged two months and 16 days, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.

John Howell, on Jan'y 5th, 1890. Aged 62 years and 13 days. Intered
in Woodlawn Cemetery. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord".

Esther Maria Howell, on March 4th, 1903 aged Seventy Four Years,
Three Months and Twenty Days. Intered in Woodlawn Cemetery.


(a) John Howell was the eldest son and second child of John Howell and
Sarah (Thomas) Howell. The family arrived in London, Canada West
(Ontario) in 1832 (probably spring) from Swansea, Wales. When he moved to
New York is not known. He was a stationary engineer at the "Girl's
Norman School" which was subsequently called "The New York Teacher's
(b) Henry W. Thomas, Sn. died Jan'y (21/22?), 1929 and by the mid
1920's he was with "F. R. Arnold and Company" (wholesale druggist's
supplies), New York.
(c) Esther Louisa (Howell) Thomas died in January, 1945.
(d) Edwin John Hill Howell never married and died Jun 02, 1923.
(e) Edith Howell Thomas died Feb. 1920; unmarried.
(f) Henry William Thomas, Jr., died Jan 23, 1916; unmarried.