Howerth Bible


Howerth Family Bible

Submitted May 02 1998 by:
Christa Lawson
615 Hickory Hill Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45215


The current owner of the original bible is Christa Lawson, submitter.

The names appear in brackets after the register of births because in the original text, no names are written after that page. The dates are written on lines that correspond to the line where the person was first mentioned. For example, Ira Woods is listed on line #8, his marriage is on line #8 of the marriage page, his death on line #8 of the death page.
The family name of the Bible is Howerth. It was given to John Howerth by John Loyd on January 5, 1897. The following text comes from the original Bible. Christa.

Surnames appearing in the Bible:

Register of Births

England John Howerth, born Oct. 18th 1826.
Ohio Elizabeth Amelia Bright Howerth June 18, 1832.
" Sarah Ellen, Aug. 19th 1851.
" Mary Elizabeth, Feb 12th 1853.
Ind. Ursula Jane, Feb. 10th 1855.
Martha Ann, Feb. 7th 1857.
Amanda, June 27th 1859.
Ira Woods, June 18th 1860.
Ida May, Apr. 21st 1862.
Clara C. Apr. 9th 1864.
Susan Louvira, Apr. 8th 1866.
Arabella, Nov. 27th 1868.
Stella Carrie, June 25th 1870.
Minnie Elzora, Oct. 24th 1872.

Register of Deaths

[John Howerth] June 15th 1915. Columbus, Ind.
[Elizabeth Bright Howerth] Dec. 30th 1884 at Sims, Ill.
[Mary Elizabeth] Jan. 12th 1859
[Ursula Jane] Apr. 14th 1924
[Amanda] July 14th 1859
[Ida May] Aug. 3rd 1864
[Clara C.] Dec. 22nd 1866
[Susan Louvira] Nov. 6 1930
[Arabella] Dec. 11th 1868

Register of Marriages

[Ira Woods] Aug. 21st 1881
[Susan Louvira] Aug. 21st 1884

[Misc. Page]

Joseph Thomas Patterson
born Oct. 20th 1858, in Bartholomew Co Ind.
Susan Louvira Howerth Apr. 8th 1866 " " " [quotes line up with
Bartholomew Co Ind.]
Married at Pin Oak^or Covington Ill. Aug. 21st 1884. ["or Covington" is
carroted above Pin Oak in original text]
Born in Kans. Stella Elzora, May 19th 1885. Married Apr. 21st 1904.
" Ressie Frances, Apr. 25th 1889. died June 1st 1889.

" Cora Alberta Sept. 16th 1890. Married June 12, 1907.
" Bessie May, May 1st 1895, died June 21st 1896.
Columbus, Ind. Elva Marie, July 22nd 1903, married Sept. 26 1921.
" " died Feb 1931