Huestis Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
New York, American Bible Society, 1873. 8vo.

This Bible is in poor condition. The spine is completely missing
and both covers are detached. It appears to have suffered mild
water or humidity damage at one point. The pages are in fair
to good condition -- all present including flyleaves and endpapers,
and mimimal foxing.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Front Flyleaf]

Mr. B. F. Huestis Book
Presented By His Father 1876
Thy Word is A Lamp to My Feet

[Page One -- Marriages]

Benjamin F. Huestis and Lovisa C. Buch were united in marriage
February 15th 1860.

Benj. F. Huestis and Betsy Elizabeth Smith were united in marriage
Sept 18 1877

Helen A Huestis daughter of B.F. and Louvisa Huestis was united in
marriage to Ralph Foster Sept 5 1911

Leon D. Huestis son of Benj F + Betsy E Huestis was united in
marriage to Henrietta La Domus Oct 27 1909 -- Chester Pa

Leon D. Huestis was united in marriage to Adele Renard, Aug 6th --
1938 at Indianapolis Ind

David L. Huestis and Doroty Kottnaner were united in marriage
Sept 2 - 1938, Milwaukee Wis.

David Huestis and Anna M. Hills were married Jan. 30th 1834.

[Page Two -- Births]

Benjamin F. Huestis was born July 26th 1839

Lovisa C. Huestis His wife was born March 22d 1840

Helen A. Huestis His daughter was born December 17th 1860

Leon David Huestis his son was born Nov 20 1878

David L. Huestis son of Leon D & Henrietta L Huestis was born
Aug 22 1911 Chester Pa [died Sept. 30 1994 in Steubenville, OH
per SS Death Index]

Betsy Elizabeth Huestis wife of Benj F. Huestis was born Oct 4 1843
Houndsfield N.Y.

Henrietta L. Huestis daughter of Jos H Ladomus and Eliz Broughton
was born Chester Pa June 29 1884

[Page Three -- Births]

Michael Huestis was born August 8th 1772

Peggy Huestis His wife was born January 3d 1773

John Huestis Their son was born April 30th 1801

Valariah Huestis Their daughter was born January 27th 1803

Michal Huestis Jr. was born June 4th 1810

David Huestis their son was born June 10th 1812

Anna & Annis Huestis their daughters was born June 10th 1806

Elizabeth Huestis their Daughter was born June the 8th 1814

Ruth Huestis their Daughter was born February 11th, 1816

Hugh Huestis their son was born July 6th 1818

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Lovisa C. Huestis Died April 7th 1876

Anna Mariah Huestis Died Jan. 25 1881 in the 70 year of her age

Emeret Amelia Huestis Daughter of David and Anna M. Huestis
Died April 5th 1842 aged 4 years

Helen A. Huestis daughter of David & Anna M. Huestis
Died Oct. 13th 1845 aged 9 1/2 years

David Huestis died Sept. 17 1890

Betsy E Huestis died Nov 15 1910 age 67 yrs 1 mo 11 days

Benjamin F. Huestis died Nov 18 -- 1920 age 81yr 3mo 23days
at Pliden [??] Home for Incurables

Michael Huestis Died May 8th 1849

Peggy Huestis his wife Died February 24th 1823

Hannah Jenks Died May 11th 1869

John Huestis Died January 26th, 1858

Valariah Lawton Died December 3d 1832

Anna Budlong Died January 17th 1864

Michael Huestis Jr Died June 19th 1811

Hugh Huestis Died March 26th 1870

David Huestis Died Sept. 17th 1890

Mrs. Ruth Edwards Died Dec 17th 1890

Henrietta L. Huestis wife of Leon D. Huestis died at Portsmouth
O July 18 -- 1930

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