Hutsell Bible

This record comes from the WPA records of McMinn County,

Bible records of Andrew Hutsell and Mary Earheart Hutsell's
family by Hazel Guthrey, Athens, Tennessee; R#3 North West
of Athens.

Copied by Iva Maude Lewis 18 January 1937.


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Andrew Hutsell was born 2 Jan 1805
Mary Earheart was born 17 Jul 1814
Margret I. Hutsell was born 10 Mar 1833 (Died in infancy)
John Earheart Hutsell was born 5 Apr 1835
George W. Hutsell was born 5 Mar 1837
Elijah M. Hutsell was born 11 Apr 1838
Clamanda V. Hutsell (Goddard) was born 15 Dec 1839
Ellen M. Hutsell was born 10 May 1841
Aphella B. Hutsell was born 6 Aug 1843
William Harrison Hutsell born 11 Mar 1845
Erasmus T. Hutsell was born 20 Sep 1847
Ursula D. Hutsell (Rucker) was born 12 Sep 1849
Mary E. Hutsell (Ellis) was born 13 Oct 1852
Artimesa R. Hutsell (Stowe) was born 23 Oct 1857
Helen V. Hutsell (Roberts) was born 23 Mar 1857 (?1859)

Andrew Hutsell died 22 Oct 1878
Mary Earheart Hutsell died 21 Aug 1891
John Earheart Hutsell died 14 Jun 1917
George W. Hutsell died sometime during the Civil War.
Ellen M. Hutsell Matlock died May 1925
William Harrison Hutsell died Dec 1934
Mary E. Hutsell Ellis died 30 May 1933

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