Johnson Bible

The Cottage Bible and Family Expositor Containing the Old
and New Testaments, Hartford, Case, Tiffany and Burnham,
1845. Hills # 1251.

These Bibles hold up very well, and this two volume set is no
exception. However, the spines were both removed for some
reason -- leaving the rest of the Bible with a sturdy binding,
original marbled endpapers and all its pages. Some foxing.

All entries in the register were written in the same handwriting,
except for the last (death of Hannah).

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Front Blank Page, Presentation, of Vol. 1]

Presented To
Rev. William R. Johnson
By His Friend
Mr. John A. Place
Jan. 1st 1873

[Page Two -- Marriages Vol 2]

William R. Johnson
Hannah G. Frye
Married in Consdale
R.I. Sept. 27th 1841

Charles W. Johnson
Julia A. Lewis
Married in Crompton
R.I. Aug. 20. 1874

[Page Three -- Births Vol 2]

William R. Johnson
born in Stafford
Ctt. Aug. 31st 1819

Amandon H. Johnson
born in Condale
R.I. Jan. 27th 1843

Charles W. Johnson
born in Webster
Mafs July 22nd 1855

Hannah G. Frye
born in E. Greenwich
R.I. Nov. 5th 1822

Julia A. Lewis
born in Thompson
Ctt. Oct. 17th 1856

[Page Four -- Deaths Vol 2]

Amandon H. Johnson
died in Consdale
R. I. May 10th 1843

Hannah G. Johnson
died in Albion R.I.
April 28th 1891

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------