Johnson Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Kentucky Records, Early
Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions
Volume One, Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery (Julia Spencer
Ardery), 1926, p 151.

Based on its placement in the book, I believe this Bible's family to be related to the Fristoe
Family in the Fristoe Bible on this site. For the same reason, I believe the records were
contributed to Ardrey by Miss Letitia Hedges, Jemima Johnson Chaper of DAR in




William Johnson was born March 1, 1774.
Isabella Taylor was born Nov. 28, 1774.
William Johnson and Isabella Taylor married in the year 1795.
Joshua F. Johnson was born Oct. 2, 1796.
Elizabeth Johnson was born Jan. 11, 1799.
John Johnson was born May 20, 1801.
Laban Johnson was born May 20, 1805.
Theophilus Johnson was born Aug. 24, 1807.
William Johnson was born Feb. 20, 1811.
James H. Johnson was born Feb. 17, 1813.
Benjamin Franklin Johnson was born April 15, 1816.
Elizabeth Johnson was married to James Stitt Dec. 19, 1816.
Laban Johnson and Frances Holladay married Feb. 8, 1831 (or 51).
Theophilus Johnson and Ann King Kennett, married Aug. 26, 1828.
James H. Johnson and Susan Martin married Jan. 17, 1838.
B. F. Johnson and Elizabeth L. Martin married Feb. 2, 1848.
William Johnson, Sr., departed this life April 28, 1856.
Isabella Johnson departed this life Sept. 25, 1856.
Joshua Johnson departed this life Dec. 22, 1835.
Betsy Stitt (formerly Elizabeth Johnson) departed this life June 23, 1870.
John Johnson departed this life April 20, 1834.
Laban Johnson departed this life March 10, 1881.
Theophilus Johnson departed this life Jan., 1841.
William Johnson departed this life Jan. 30, 1882.
James Harrison Johnson departed this life March 9, 1896.
Benjamin Franklin Johnson departed this life Dec. 12, 1887.
Susan (Martin) Johnson departed this life April 19, 1894. (She
was the wife of James Harrison Johnson above).
Ann Eliza Johnson, born July 11, 1838. Died Jan. 14, 1862.
(She was the daughter of Theophilus Johnson and Maria, his wife).
Hannah Taylor departed this life Nov. 11, 1817.
Joshua Taylor departed this life Dec. 26, 1825.
Births of James H. and Susan Johnson's children:
Louisa F. Johnson, born Nov. 22, 1838.
William Henry Harrison Johnson, born Sept. 21, 1840.
Mary Rebecca Johnson, born Oct. 19, 1842.
Elizabeth Franklin Johnson, born Sept. 1, 1851.
Louisa F. Johnson to James W. Conway, married April 25, 1854.
Mary R. Johnson to James M. Collier, married Jan. 16, 1862.
William H. H. Johnson to Mary Elizabeth Judy, married Dec. 15, 1864.
Births of William H. H. Johnson and Elizabeth Judy's children:
David Clarence Johnson, born October, 1865.
Lida Belle Johnson, born July, 1867.
Lelia Johnson.
Sue Johnson.
NOTE: This included eight generations, back to Richard Fristoe,
Jr., father of Daniel. 2. Daniel, father of Susannah Fristoe Martin. 3.
Susannah Martin, mother of Edmund Martin, Jr. 4. Edmund Martin, Jr.,
father of Susan Martin Johnson. 5. Susan Johnson, mother of W. H. H.
Johnson. 6. W. H. H. Johnson, father of Lida B. Johnson. 7. Lida Johnson
Conway, mother of Clarence Conway. 8. Clarence Conway is father
of two children.