Sebern Adison Jones Bible

This Bible was submitted by Marca Lee McInnes Murray.

"I have had the Bible in my possession since my mother moved from her home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 5 1/2 years ago.

Sebern Adison Jones was born in Laurens District of South Carolina. Everyone else was born in Monroe County, Mississippi. Sebern and Arrilla were married 30 November 1854, Monroe County Mississippi.
Adah Leuna Jones who married Henry Anderson Garner is my grandmother.

I have found Sebern spelled many ways, Seaborn, Seburn, Cebern and other combinations. Sebern's tomb stone says Seaborn. I think his father's says Seborn."

The Pictorial Home Bible, Devotional and Explanatory, Contains the Old and New Testaments. William
Flint & Co., Philadelphia, 1872.




Sebern A. (Adison) Jones was born the secon (sic) day of April A.D. 1836
Arrilla (West) Jones was born April the 23rd A.D. 1834
Luvera J. (Jane) Jones was born September the 20th. A.D. 1853
Luiza E. (Elizabeth) Jones was born January the 27th A.D. 1839
Cornelia A. (Adelaide) Jones was born September the 29 A.D. 1864
Ada(h) L. (Leuna) Jones was born June the 27th A.D. 1870
(In a different hand and different ink)
George Ellie (Eldridge) Jones was born August the 6th A.D. 1873


This note was placed in the Bible years ago by my mother, Jewel Velma Garner McInnes, daughter of Adah Leuna Jones, Mrs. Henry Anderson Garner.

This Bible was bought by S. A. Jones, the father of Mrs. H. A. Garner, in Monroe County, Mississippi several years prior to 1884. At this time it was brought to Texas by the family. In 1898 it was brought to Oklahoma and since that time has been in the possession of Mrs. Garner. A mate to this Bible, bought at the same time, belongs to Mrs. Garner's sister* at Stephenville, Texas.

That would be I think Cornelia Adelaide Jones, Mrs. Stephen Jasper "Jake" Webb. Probably at the death of my mother's sister, Lillian Lee Garner Mayes, the Bible came to my mother, Jewel McInnes, who was 96 last December 8. Since she lives in a retirement apartment in Fort Worth, I have the Bible.


Sebern A. (Adison) Jones died June 3th (sic) 1923 (Payson, Lincoln County, Oklahoma)
Arrilla (West) Jones died Sept 17th 1902 (Payson, Lincoln County, Indian Territory)

(Sebern Jones and Arrilla West were married 30 November 1854, Monroe County, Mississippi)
(Both are buried Sunnyside, Parnell or Pickett Cemetery, Payson, Oklahoma)