Keller Bible


Keller / Rombough Family Bible

Submitted Mar 15, 1998 by:
Jim Keller, (decendent of Thomas Durlin Keller)
2205 Nature Trail Cr.,
Gloucester, Ont.
K1W 1E7

Please find enclosed the best effort at typing up our family bible which I made a copy of a few years ago. Any questions, please contact me. Jim Keller.

[Notes: The original Bible belonged to Peter Samuel Keller and Clarinda Schryver who were married on February 2, 1931 in Fredericksburgh Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ontario. The original transcript from Lutheran Church Record 1793-1832 has her name as Clarinda Unger. Her obituary and tomestone at Centreville put her last name as Schryver. To date no birth record has been located for either last name or any previous marriages.

Peter Samuel Keller was the eldest son of Samuel Keller and Rosanna Warner of Fredericksburgh Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ontario. The handwriting seems to be a mixture of two distinct styles so I have indicated where one starts and the other ends and where the original starts again. The Bible was inherited by Mary Alice Keller, eldest daughter, who married Jacob Smith Rombough. The Bible then went to Seymour Benjamin Rombough who married Lillian Roy Spence and finally to Ada Rombough who married Harold Doupe. In abt.1992, Ada still had the Bible when copies were made of these pages. As far as I know she is still living in rural Camden Twp. near Centreville, Ontario.]

Surnames found in this record:
[Keller/Rombough Family Bible]

[Camden Twp., Lennox and Addington Co., Ontario 1794 -1940]

[Page 1 -- original handwriting]



Peter S. Keller born March 21st 1809
Clarinda Schryver born June the 4th 1810


George S. Keller born February the 9th 1831
William S. Keller October the 4th 1839
James H. Keller December the 2nd 1833
Mary Alice Keller January the 28th 1835
John F. Keller May the 29th 1836
Nancy M. Keller 1837
Charles F Keller 1838
Peter J. Keller March the 5th 1855
Reuben R. Keller January the 1st 1841
Robert McD. Keller August the 14th 1843
Benjamin S. Keller January the 24th 1844
Thomas D. Keller October the 4th 1845

[Page 2]


Rosanna Jane Keller born September the 23rd 1848
Elizabeth A. Keller January the 27th 1851
Hester I. Keller May the 14th 1852

____________________________________________ [line across and new hand

Jacob Rombough Born April 1st 1794
Catherine Rombough February 16,, 1794
Margaret June 7,, 1816
Rachel December 20,, 1817
Susannah December 26,, 1819
William A November 5,, 1821
Louisa October 8,, 1824
Allan M April 22,, 1826
Robert October 8,,1828 x 1828
John M December 25,, 1829
Mary November 13 1831
Jacob S May 11,, 1834
C Marenda May 18,, 1837
______________________________________________[line across page]
Robert R died october 20,, 1828
Allen M August 24,, 1842
John M August 4,, 1855
Catherine Rombough died July 3,, 1863
Jacob Rombough November 29,, 1887

[Page 3 original handwriting]



Clarinda Keller died March the 7th 1873
Peter S. Kellar April 28th 1896, [other handwriting]

Children [original handwriting]

Robert McD Keller died August the 14th 1857
Peter J. Keller August the 28th 1857
Reuben R Keller March the 25th 1861
William S. Keller December the 28th 1861
29 yrs 2 months 24 days [other handwriting]
John F Keller 1923
____________________________________________________[line across page]

Jacob S. Rombough Died Jan 28th 1914
Mary Alice Kellar Died March 18, 1915.
John Milton Rombough Died July 8th 1935
Peter Kellar Rombough Died Feb 6th 1937
Catherine Elizabeth Rombough May 12 1940
Edith Rombough Died Aug,, 8, 1939
Mary Alice Rombough Died Aug 23,, 1908
Clarinda Rombough Died April 18th 1885