Kelly Bible

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The following records were copied from Volume 383, Georgia Genealogical Records, submitted to DAR 1949, by the Elijah Clark Chapter NSDAR. This book can be found at the DAR Library in Washington, DC. The transcription is as correct as possible.The information contained in these records is the only information I have on these families.



Kelly, A. J. - 1825

Family Bible record of A. J. Kelly
Jackson County, Georgia
Present owner: E. L. Kelly, Jefferson, Ga.

Adaline Amana Kelly was born Nov. 6, 1825
Elizabeth Siles Kelly was born Aug. 29, 1827
Rufus Pierce Kelly was born Aug. 5th, 1829
Adoniram Juson Kelly was born Oct. 6, 1831
Sarah Leonorah Kelly was born Mar. 15, 1834
Marcus Lafayett Kelly was born Aug. 16, 1838
Nimrod Jackson Kelly was born March 13, 1843
Mary Rozetta Kelly was born Dec. 30, 1840

David M. Burns Jr. & Sarah J. Randolph were married April 26th 1855
A. J. Kelly & Sarah J. Burns were married 9th Feb. 1862
Bessie Kelly & R. S. Howard were married Jan. 26, 1882
Marth R. Haynie & A. J. Kelly were married Jan. 11, 1883

David M. Burns Jr. Born October 21st, 1825
Sarah J. Randolph, Born June 17th 1839
Mitchell H. Burns, Born February 8th, 1856
Pearl Kelly was born Jan. 25, 1881
Thomas Victor Kelly was born Apr. 3, 1885
Adoniram Judson Kelly was born 6th October 1831
1. Bessie Kelly was born 13th Nov. 1862
2. Leary Kelly was born 25th Nov. 1866
3. Garie Kelly was born 19th Mar. 1869
4. Jimmie Kelly was born Dec. 31, 1870
5. Samuel Kelly was born Sept. 4, 1874
6. Judson Kelly was born Oct. 25, 1877

David Mitchell Burns. Departed this life May 12, 1857
Sarah Jane Kelly died Feb. 21, 1882
Pearl Kelly died Mar. 23, 1882
Bessie Howard died Jan. 1883
Thomas Victor Kelly died June 25, 1886
Marth Rebecca Kelly died July 17, 1887
Leary Kelly died Dec. 3rd, 1897
Judson Kelly died Jan. 21, 1900
Gary Kelly died June 27, 1902
Rev. A. J. Kelly died Nov. 7, 1906
J. P. Kelly died Dec. 13, 1933
Sam Kelly died Aug. 11, 1934
Mrs. Martha Idonia Kelly died Apr. 30, 1936