Kennedy Bible

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I have in my possession the bible of my ggggrandparents. It was given to me a few months back by a very distant cousin who is getting on in years. I'm 34 and she thought it would be best to give it to someone who could hold on to it for a long time. I was elated that she would let me have a priceless family heirloom. I have more info on this family and am willing to share with anyone who is interested. Linda.

Surnames in this record:
PEACE (clergy)
STRANGER (witness)

The Kennedy Family Bible

Sydney M.[Manson] Kennedy of Brunswick, [VA] and
Mary E. [Ermine] Kennedy of Brunswick, [VA]
were married 16th January 1843 at Ben Stranger
by Rev. Willis H. Peace.
Witness Thos. H. Kennedy, Owen Stranger.


S.M.[Sydney Manson] Kennedy 15 February 1823.

M.E. [Mary Ermine Callis] Kennedy 27 March 1824.

L.E. [Lavinia Elizabeth] Kennedy 27 August 1844.

Anna M.[Missouri] Kennedy 19 October 1846.

Geo. E. Kennedy 11 August 1848.

Mary I.H. [Ida Harriett] Kennedy 20 May 1850.

Ellen R. Kennedy 4 July 1852.

Sarah A. Kennedy 2 June 1854.

Ida C. Kennedy 18 June 1857.

Alice R. Kennedy 25 October 1861.

Boy not named 14 September 1863.

Belle Kennedy 10 September 1864.


W. S. [William Saunders] Thomas and Lavinia E. Kennedy
was married 27 Jan 1868.

Branch J. Connalley was married to Mary I. H. [Ida Harriett]
17 March 1869.

Marcus A. Jones and Ellen R. Kennedy was married 7 April 1875.

Sterling J. Wallace and Ida C. Kennedy was married 23 Dec 1879.

S. M. [Sydney Manson] Kennedy and Georgia C. Jones was married 15 July 1889.

Belle P. Kennedy and Nat Mason was married 19 December 1889.

Geo. E. Kennedy and Maria Wilfred Brydie were married 13 June 1883.


Jape [Jesse] Kennedy 21 August 1855 in the 71 year of his age [ He is the father of Sydney M. Kennedy].

Susan [Susanna Manson] Kennedy 16 January 1858 [She is the mother of Sydney M. Kennedy].

Sarah A. Kennedy 9 March 1859.

Alice R. Kennedy 27 October 1852.

Missoura A.[Anna Missouri] Kennedy October 1864.

Jno. R. Kennedy 16 November 1874.

Mary E. Kennedy 2 January 1889.

Mary A. Jones 27 September 1909.

M. A.[Marcus] Jones 10 October 1909.

G. E.[George]Kennedy 13 February 1910.

S.M.[Sydney]Kennedy 4 June 1910 in his 88th year.