Kennell Family Records

Stark's Daily Hand-Book for Rejoicing and Sorrow,
John Frederick Stark, Kohler Publishing Company,
Philadelphia, 1879.

This book has a small section for family records at the beginning,
and there are just a few records written in. Although I see a lot
of unnamed infants in family records, who died at birth or shortly
thereafter, this family had an infant that died at nearly 4 months
old who was still unnamed. The parents here are not mentioned.

Gordon Kennell's SS record shows him as having lived in

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Births]

Frank R. Kennell born May 9th 1897.
Violet A. born Oct 22nd 1898.
Steward R born Jan 7th 1900.
Gordon born June 10th 1902
Marion E. born Nov 10th 1904
Infant born April 28th 1906

[Page Two -- Deaths]

Frank R Kennell Died Jan 11th 1899
Infant born April 28th 1906 Died August 14th 1906

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