Ker Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Fragmenta Genealogica,
Volume 10, Frederick Arthur Crisp, 1904, p 7.


Below this line, verbatim from source, except for some minor
formatting changes.


Ker Family.

William Ker of Gateshan and Elizabeth Eliott, the only daughter of
Gilbert Elliott of Stonnedge, were maried upon the 26th day of June

And Cicily Ker, their daughter, was born upon the 1st of May 1742,
dy'd 3d March 1749.

Andrew, born upon the 1st Novembr 1744. Dy'd 30th Octor 1745.

Mary, born 27th Decembr 1746.

Gilbert, born 7th ffebr 1749.

Elizabeth, born 6th May 1751.

John, born 30th June 1753. Died 6th Sepr 1754.

Charles, born 18th November 1754.

Essex, born 27th July 1756.

William, born 25th March 1759.

Robert, born 6th July 1761.

John, born 17th Aprile 1763.

My dear wife dy'd 9th Septembr 1768. She was born 7th June 1720.

Will Ker [signed] Born 6 Octr 1707.
Died at Broomlands 25 April 1794. Aetat 87.

From a Bible, "London, printed for Iohn Baskett, Printer to ye King's Most
Excellent Majesty, 1735;" in my possession. --F.A.C.