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Surnames in this file:

[Note: Most of these people lived in St. Louis, MO.]


Charles L. Jeffries, son of Stephen Jeffries and Isabella, his wife, was born on the 4th of March 1793.

Lucy Berry was born Feb. 20th 1793.

Jane T. Carpenter, daughter of Samuel and Jane, his wife, was born Feb. 19, 1802.

Pamela B.H. Jeffries was born June 20th 1841.

Samuel C.W. Lewis, son of Samuel H. and Henrietta, his wife, was born August 18, 1824.

Caroline, daughter of Jonathan and Mary Ann Hollinshead was born March 10th, 1831, in the town of McLasfield, England.

Charles E.J., son of Thomas E. and Pamela B.H. White, was born Apl 20, 1831.

Samuel Charles, son of S.C.W. and Caroline Lewis, was born Feb. 6th, 1853.

Eliza Jane Catherine, daughter of S.C.W. and Caroline Lewis was born September 6 [?]th, 1857.

Isabella, daughter of S.C.W. and Caroline Lewis, was born Oct. 27, 1860.

Mary Henrietta C., daughter of S.W.C. and Caroline Lewis, was born at Ottumwa, Iowa, January 3, 1865.

Elizabeth Bellan was born December 19, 1842.

Mary E. Holmes was born February 5, 1860.

Alfred W. Keyes, son of William W. and E.J.C. Keyes was born September 22, 1879. St. Louis, MO.

Florence M., daughter of Wm W. and E.J.C. Keyes was born December 22, 1881. St. Louis, MO.

Daniel, son of Jas. K. and Isabella A. Grace was born May 7, 1887. St. Louis, MO.

Ethel Isabella, daughter of Wm W. and E.J.C. Keyes was born Sept. 10, 1888, St. Louis, MO.

Caroline, daughter of Jas. K. and Isabella A. Grace was born July 4, 1889, St. Louis,MO.

Mary, daughter of James K. and Isabella A. Grace was born October 26, 1891, St. Louis,MO.

Robert Bruce, son of Wm W. and E.J.C. Keyes was born March 7, 1896 at St. Louis, MO.


At Ottumwa, Iowa, of Congestive Chill, on the night of 18th May 1865, Caroline, wife of S.C.W. Lewis.

At Ottumwa, Iowa, Sept. 14,1865 of Cholera Infanturn, Mary Henrietta Carrie, Infant Daughter of S.C.W. and Caroline Lewis, age 8 mos, 11 days

At St. Louis, Mo., on December 15, [no year supplied] S.C.W. Lewis, aged 67 years 3 months and 27 days.

In St. Louis, Mo., of Appoplexy, Charles L. Jeffries, on the 14th Sept. 1866 in his 74th year.

In St. Louis, Mo., December 28, 1879, Jane T. Jeffries, in the 78th year of her age.

In St. Louis, Mo., December 18, 1891, Isabella A. Grace, wife of James K. Grace, aged 31 years 1 month and 21 days.


Charles L. Jeffries and Lucy Berry was married 15 April 1813.

Charles L. Jeffries and Jane T. Carpenter was married 13 May 1824.

Thos E. White and Pamela B. H. Jeffries was married April 8th 1830.

Samuel C.W. Lewis and Caroline Hollinshead were married April 27th A.D. 1852.

Samuel C.W. Lewis and Elizabeth Holmes were married August 18th, 1867 by the Rev. Dr. Wm. A. Smith at Centenary Church, St. Louis.

Herndon Haralson and Sarah Ann Hollinshead were married 23 March 1843.

Wm W. Keyes and Eliza J.C. Lewis were married September 15, 1878.

James K. Grace and Isabella Ann Lewis were married June 24, 1886.

George H. Barth and Florence M. Keyes was married Dec. 21, 1907.

Wm J. Pavey and Ethel I. Keyes was married July [no day] 1908.

[NOTE: The previous family record entries were taken from the same bible. The pages were torn out of the bible but were kept together. The death record that follows was apparently torn out of another family bible]


Sam C. Lewis died 1904 St. Louis Mo.

Mary K. Grace died [no date supplied]

Wm W. Keyes died April 21, 1910, St. Louis, Mo.

Elizabeth Lewis died Oct. 1, 1913.

Date of this Transcription: July 1994 KCW
Location of Transcription: San Diego, CA (given by)
[Note: The above transcription is verbatim copy of original source which was given to me by Mary Jane Treptow of St. Louis, Missouri. Mary Jane's maiden name is Keyes and they were given to her by Aunt Ethel Pavey. These pages were torn out of a family bible and are brittle and folded (for a long time it seems) and I don't know exactly whose bibles they are from. I am assuming they belonged to Ethel Keyes Pavey and are actually from the Keyes family bibles. The notation indicates comments or clarifications by me - Kim Curlin Wettroth]