Kidd Bible


Kidd Family Bible

Submitted December 1996 by:
Duane Goertson
7934 124 Street,
Surrey, B.C. Canada
V3W 3X6

The following is taken from the Holy Bible Family Circle Edition (Original)
which was purchased by Martha & Duane Goertson from a Goodwill store in
Silverton Oregon in July 1991. This Bible is presently (Dec 1996) in the care
of Martha & Duane Goertson - address above.

Surnames found in this record:
ROSCOE (clergy)
SWIDRACK (witness)

First page:

"My Dear children:
Just a few words of testimony. I was truly blessed all my life. God gave
me very special Christian parents. Put me in a Christian Community to grow up.
So I can claim no goodness on my part. I became aware I needed Christ as my own
personal saviour at the age of 9. I was converted in the Old Methodist Church
down in town at Marrow. I had the influence of a whole Church & Community of
the best people a child could ever know all my formative years. Plus a
concentrated set of parents.
Since the day I was saved, I have never felt the slightest desire to ever
turn away from God, although I have made all the mistakes in the book I guess.
But like David, I have been sorry for them, I have confessed them to my Lord
and ask his forgiveness. He knows how weak I am, and he loves me even in my
weakness. He has never failed me once.
Since I first knew Tom was on the way and Jack & Donna. I have prayed
that God would save my children's soles, that is what I want more than anything
else in my life. Thank God for my sons homes. For my precious daughters who
play such a great place in their lives, and help them so much to make a
Christian home. I am expecting to have the opertunity of enjoying spending
eternity with the 4 of you. I will keep praying as long as I have my right
mind for my children.
Love, Mother."


This Certifies That

Tommy Dowe Kidd
Sharon Lee Voss

were united in
Holy Matrimony

on the 10th day of January
in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and 64
at Wesleyan Church, Sacramento, Calif.

By Rev. Roscow
Witness Marilyn Swidrak
Witness Jack Kidd"

"Husband's Genealogy

Name: Tommy Dowe Kidd
Born 8-24-79
Lincoln, Ark
Brothers/Sisters Jackie Douglas, Donna Sue

Father: Carl Thomas Kidd
Born 1-11-13
Place -
Brothers/Sisters: Rob, Mae Ferguson, Oren

Grandfather: Robert Wilch Kidd Grandmother: Mary Elizabeth Kidd (Nee
Born 10-25-1871 Died 2-14-1040 Born 10-15-18 Died 5-17-1960
Married 11-9-02

Great Grandfather: James Kidd Great Grandmother Ellen Kidd

Mother: Esta Elmina Howard
Born 3-20-?
Brothers/Sisters: Verona Brown, Emmett, Ernest, Kenneth

Father-in-law: Noah Franklin Howard

Mother-in-law: Loretta Ann Reed

Grandfather-in-law: John Howard
Grandmother-in-law: Annie Howard

Mother-in-law's father: Albert Reed
Mother-in-law's mother: Elmina Reed"

"Wife's Genealogy

Name: Saron Lee Voss
Born 1-1-46
Place: Milwaukee, Wis.
Brothers/Sisters: Gary Hudak 12-25-50, Sandy Hudak 8-11-57, Brian Hudak
3-15-62, Dale Hudak 9-11-52.

Father: Harvey Henriqilles
Born - Died: 1971

Mother: Dorothy June Voss
Born: 1-18-22
Brothers/Sisters: Don Voss

Mother's Father: Walter Voss
Born: 4-29-97 Died 3-10-69
Place -
Brothers/Sisters: Roland, Art, Esther Williams, Elsie Glassenapp

Mothers Grandfather: Charles

Mother's Mother: Esther Zick
Born 7-11-02
Place -
Brothers/Sisters: Roland

Mother's Maternal Grandfather: Christian Zick
Mother's Maternal Grandmother: Ida Zick"

"Our Children

Tamora Maschell Kidd
Born: 6-20-62
Place Sacramento, Ca.

Cheryl Renee Kidd
Born 9-1-64
Place Sacramento, Ca

Randall Thomas Kidd
Born: 7-17-78
Silverton, Or."