Kinyon Family Papers

These pages were separated from some book,
because the edges were once bound. Exact
any dating here is impossible. It all looks in about
the same script and pen, so sometime 1839
or afterwards?

These pages are currently in the possession
of Tracy St. Claire


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[Page One]

John.L.Kinyon Born October 21st 1807

Rhoda. S. Kinyon Born October 26, 1809

Margaret. E. Kinyon Born Dec 12th 1829

Ethelbert. M. Kinyon Born June 19th 1833

Loisa. A. Kinyon Born May 9th 1835

[Page Two]

John. L. Kinyon Married to Rhoda S. Lewis
November thirtieth One thousand eight
hundred and twenty eight

[Page Three]

John L. Kinyon Departed this life March 16th

----------END TRANSCRIPT--------------