Kirkland Bible

Kirkland-Masterson Bible, Dated 1818 to 1896
Lawrence & Morgan Co., Alabama

Submitter & current holder of Bible: Patricia A. West
St. Louis, Missouri
Submitted January 1999
Transcribed from the original Bible page

Copyright, Patricia A. West, 1985. All rights reserved. This information is shared to assist individuals who may be related to the people named in this Bible register. Bible information included in this document may be used for personal use. Absolutely no information in this document may be included in any printed form, electronic media collection, or on a web site without permission in writing from Patricia West. Commercial organizations are expressly prohibited from using these data in any form without written permission of Patricia West.

This Bible page, written on both sides, was torn from the Family Bible of Robert
Archibald Kirkland after the funeral of his wife, Mary Emily "Molly" Masterson
Kirkland, in 1934, by one of their sons. There was a family dispute over who was to get the Bible.

The page is in terrible shape. It was stored inside sticky plastic sheets for protection over
50 years ago and can't be salvaged.

Surnames in this Bible record:

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Bible Transcription
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[ ] Transcriber's comments
[Please note there are two sets of twins listed below.]

[The following list is of births of Robert and Mary Kirkland and their children:]
(Robert A. Kirkl)and
(October) 31st 1848
(Mary E.) [Masterson] Kirkland
(Ma)rch 7, 1858
ulta? [can't read]
( ) Kirkland
Dec. 9th 1885
(Patri)ck G. Kirkland [m Gertie B. Morton; d 1974 CO]
Oct. 13th 1887
(Pa)ttie Lee Kirkland [: died 1931 AL; never married]
Oct 13th 1887
(Li)llian Panola Kirkland [Note: m Jasper Moore; d 1928 AL]
Nov 3 1889
(Ro)bert (E.) Kirkland [ m Bessie Lee Barnes; d 1963 NC]
Jan (10th) 1893
blank line
James Matthew Kirkland [line crossed out]
May 3rd 1896
William Jacob Kirkland [line crossed out]
May 3rd 1896 [line crossed out]
James (M.) Kirkland [m Annie Blanche Neyman; died 1941]
May 3rd 1896
William Jacob Kirkland [never married; d ca 1984 in TX]
May 3rd 1896
John Daniel Kirkland [Jessie Louise Mathis; d 1967 AL]
September 2, 1899
[The following are the parents and siblings of Mary Emily Masterson Kirkland:]
John P.G. Masterson
March 8th 1817 [Other records show him born 1824]
Matilda C. Masterson
Feby 15th 1825
Georgian Masterson
May 15th 1846
Mathew A. Masterson [m Martha M. Sandlin; d 1945 AL]
June 14th 1848
Margaret S. Masterson [m Howard B. Irwin]
Sept 10th 1849
Permelia A. Masterso(n) [m Lucius M. Wear; d 1952]
Sept 18th 1851
James T. Masterso(n) [m Anne Stephenson; d 1942]
Sept 11th 1853
John P.G. Masterson [Family tradition says he was killed during a slave uprising at the
end of the Civil War.]
April 3rd 1865
Matilda C. Masterson
Nov 2nd 1906
H.B. Irwin
Oct (20) 1907
Mag. S. (Irwin)
can't read
A____ W. Windom
July 4th 1907
Willie L. Irwin
Oct 1st 1894
Infant [dau. of R.A. Kirkland & Mary E., Dec. 9, 1885]
D. G. Kirklan(d) [father of Robert A. Kirkland]
Jan 25 189(7)

-end of Bible page transcription-

// Family information

This Bible belonged to Robert Archibald Kirkland and his wife, Mary Emily "Molly"
Masterson, d/o John Patrick G. Masterson (b. Mar. 8, 1817 AL and d. April 3, 1865 AL)
and Matilda Clementine "Money" Roberts, (b. Feb. 15, 1825 AL and d. Nov. 2, 1906
AL). John and Matilda (Roberts) Masterson were married on 30 January 1845 (Abstract of Book C: 14, Lawrence Co., AL). Robert and Molly Kirkland married in Lawrence Co., AL on 4 March 1885 (Marriage Book J:50, Lawrence Co., AL).

Robert Archibald Kirkland is a son of Daniel G. Kirkland (b 1814 TN & d 1897 TX) and his second wife, Tabitha Octavia (Yearby) Albritton (b 1818 NC & d 1864 AL), who was first married to David Walker Albritton. Daniel G. Kirkland is a son of Archibald Kirkland and Mary Chaney Kirkland and grandson of the Scot immigrant, John Kirkland and his wife, Mary deLot. The Kirklands went from South Carolina to Tennessee about 1800 and then floated down the Tennessee River to Fayette Co., AL about 1818. The Mastersons were in middle Tennessee in the 1790s and went to Lawrence Co., AL about 1817-18.

Mary Emily Masterson Kirkland descends from two Revolutionary War soldiers, John
Chilcoat (1758 MD-1851 MO) and James Gheen (ca 1740-1796 NC).

More information about these families is found at <>.

// Sources

Sources for transcriber's comments:

1. Birth, death, marriage records, deeds, newspaper clippings, census records, probate records primarily from Lawrence Co., Alabama and Morgan Co., Alabama. Additional information from obituaries found in family scrapbook of Patrick G. Kirkland. Grandchildren of Robert A. and Mary E. Masterson Kirkland also provided family group sheets for their parents.