Kneipp Bible

The Keim / Kneipp Family Bible

Transcribed by: Lora Deible Chaffin Feb.2003.
At this time the Bible is owned by:
Lois Anne Kneipp Deible Boland.


I have some more information on some of these names.Some names are only mentioned in marriage. Most of these people were in Ohio and mostly in the Hamilton County area. If you find anything that helps you please let me know, if you have any information on Samuel B.Keim or Alice Bennett Keim please let me know.



Certificate of Holy Matrimony (made in the Bible)
Samuel B.Keim of Urbana,Ohio and
Alice L.Bennett of Woodstock,Ohio were united the First day of December in the year 1875.
In the presence of W.Rhodes J.P.


S.B.Keim,born, Apr.11, 1853
Alice L.Bennett,born, Oct.7, 1854
Flora B.Keim,born, May 11, 1877
Burtie Keim,born Oct.27, 1878
Herbert Keim,born July 2, 1881
Grace M.Keim,born(in Cin)May 10, 1883
Barnett B.Keim,born(in Ill.)Feb.16, 1885
Weber F.Keim,born(in Cin)Sept.9, 1890
Mable F.Keim,born(in Cin)Feb.10, 1898
Doris Carter,born in Cin,March 26, 1928 (daughter of Marie Kneipp Carter and Herb Carter)
Lois Anne Kneipp,born in Cin,Aug.17, 1939 (daughter of Francis Kneipp and Lillian Lutz)

Childern of Norman and Sarah Kneipp
All these were born in Cin.
Nina Marie Kneipp,born June 16,1932
Norman Warner Kneipp Jr., born Oct.8,1934
Roland Wayne Kneipp, born Jan.13,1950
Francis Ivan Kneipp, born Jan.5,1937
Carol Gay Kneipp, born Oct.22,1941
Dale Allen Kneipp, born Sept.30,1944

Childern of Alpha and Bernice Kneipp
All born in Cin.
Patricia Lea Kneipp, born March 16,1942
Dorthy Louise Kneipp, born June 24,1944

Children of Vernon and Mary Kneipp
Verna Lea Kneipp, born in Cin. Oct.8,1942

Children of Galen and Vera Kneipp
Dennis Allan Kneipp, born Feb.17,1943
Jerry Daniel Kneipp, born Aug.2,1944
Gail Ann Kneipp, born July 19,1953
Nina Kneipp and Kenneth Keel - a boy born Jan.22,1952


To Flora and Harry Talley
Russell E.Talley, born April 15,1900 Loveland,Oh
Harold W. Talley, Born Sept.13,1901 Madisonville,Oh
Milderd M. Talley, born Nov.4,1904

To Grace and Frank Kneipp
Francis Leroy Kneipp, born June 13,1904
Marie Alice Kneipp, born Jan.14,1906
Norman August Kneipp, born Aug.28,1908
Vernon Samuel Kneipp, born April 21,1910
Galen George Kneipp, born July 4,1912
Alpha Dale Kneipp, born Sept.11,1920

To May and Barnett Kiem
Helen Keim, born Aug.10,1905
Florence Keim, born Aug.14,1907
Ollie Kiem, Sept. 1902 (no date given)
Authur Keim, born Dec.8,1912
Samuel Keim, born Sept.28,1919
No place of birth listed for any of these name's.

To Marie and Weber Keim at Madisonville,Oh
Harry E.Keim, born Dec.29,1917
Dorothy Keim, born March 15,1918 in Loveland,Oh
Virgina Keim, born Sept. 1919 (no date given)
August Keim, born Feb. 1921 (no date given)
Thelma Keim, born 1923 (no month or date given)
Betty Keim, born Oct. (no date or year given)
Bobby Keim, (No other information given)
James Francis Keim, born June 9, 1932
Baby Keim, (no other information given)

To Mildred and Cliff Rusk
Betty Louise Rusk, born May 21, 1925
Dorothy Ann Rusk, born Nov.10, 1927
Donald Laurance Rusk, born Aug.18, 1936

To Mable and Frank Duncan
Ruth Wilma Duncan, born June, 1918

MARRIAGES (as taken from the printed page in the Bible)

Flora B.Keim to Harry L.Talley-April 18, 1898
Grace B.Keim to Frank C.Kneipp-Feb.10, 1903
Barnett B.Keim to May Pardona- 1905
Weber F.Keim to Maria Martin-Jan.22, 1916
Mable Keim to Frank Duncan-Aug.22, 1916 parted and divorced
Mable Keim Duncan to Chas. Cytrus-Feb.23, 1927 parted and divorced 1928
Mable Duncan to William Carroll-Jan.18, 1945 in Farmingdale, N.Y.
Alice Keim to James McClure-Nov.4, 1907 parted and divorced Jan.14, 1909


Marie Kneipp to Herbert Carter April 12, 1927 in Madisonville,Oh
Norman A.Kneipp to Sarah V.Hawkins Aug.20, 1931 in KY.
Francis L.Kneipp to Lillian Lutz Dec.17, 1935 in KY.
Galen Kneipp to Vera Frohn Sept.10, 1938 in IND.
Vernon Kneipp to Mary B.Rouse Aug.25, 1940 in Florence, KY.
Alpha Kneipp to Bernice Glenn Nov.15, 1941 in Madisonville, Oh.

Jackie Kneipp, born Feb.16, 1948 son of Vern and Mary B.
Janet Sue Kneipp, born July 22, 1950 daughter of Vern and Mary

Mildred M.Talley to Maurice Talley-Jan.13, 1923 divorced 1924
Mildred M.Talley to Cliff Rusk-Aug.10, 1924
Harold Talley to Julia Poole-June 22, 1924
Russel Talley to Lena (no last name given)-1920 divorced in 1933
Russel Talley to Lena (same as above)-1935
All Weber Keim's Children were married by 1950 but Jimmie 1953

DEATHS (as taken from the printed page in the Bible)

Burtie Keim,died May 30, 1880
Herbert Keim,died June 25, 1882
Samuel B.Keim,died March 5, 1905
Harry L.Talley,died Aug.10,1917
Flora B.Talley,died July 21, 1918
Alice L.Keim-McClure,died Feb.21, 1919
Olive Keim Phillips,died March 20, 1925 Barnett Keim's daughter
Baby Keim,died Jan.(no date or year) Weber Kiem's Boy
Galen and Vera Kneipp's boy,born May 10 died May 11, 1939 18 hours old
Alpha and Bernice's baby girl,born May 28 died May 28, 1943 1&1/2 hours old
Frank Kneipp Sr.,died Oct.4, 1946 89 years
Frank C.Kneipp,died Sept.29, 1967 84 years
Norman A.Kneipp,died Oct.21, 1967 59 years
Grace M. Kneipp,died Jan.27,1971 87years
Francis L.Kneipp,died June 4, 1988 83 years


Flora and Harry Talley,buried in Laurel Cemetery Madisonville
Sam and Alice Keim,buried in Laurel Cem. Madisonville
Olive Keim Phillips,buried in Laurel Cem.
Mary Britton Kneipp,died Sept.23, 1916 buried in Calvary Cemetery Walnut Hills
Marg. Kneipp,died Nov.10, 1919 buried Calvery Cem. Walnut Hills
Galen's Baby Boy buried in St. Josephs Cemetery Price Hill
Alpha's Baby Girl, buried in Laurel Cem.May 30, 1943 6 & 1/2 months
Frank Kneipp Sr., buried in Calvery Cemetery Walnut Hills
Jose Bennett, buried in No.Lewisburg June 26, 1952
died June 24, 1952 79 years
Joe Kneipp, age 57, died Feb.18, 1953 at Madisonville. Buried in Gates of Heaven Cemetery

Ruth S.Kneipp, born Aug 20, 1952 to Francis and Lill Kneipp in Cinn,O
Terrance Keel, born Jan.22, 1952 to Nina Kneipp Keel and Kenneth Keel
Marilyn Lee Kneipp, born Feb.9, 1955 to Francis and Lill Kneipp Cinn,O


Aug. J. Kneipp-(Buddy) Ordained a Priest
June 7, 1941

Vernon S. Kneipp left for Army Nov.'43.Went across to Lyon Dec. 6, 1944

Alpha D.Kneipp left for Army Sept. 1, 1944 went across to France and then to Germany March '45

Donald Kneipp Ordained a Priest March 12,1949

Bot the house at 5401 Tompkins Ave.Madisonville Nov .26, 1944 ( this was Grace Keim Kneipp and her husband Frank C.Kneipp, my Great Grandparents)

Nina Kneipp married Kenneth Keel, Dec. 9, 1950 at Madisonville
Ruth Duncan married Wm. Molter Jan. 1946 Mable Keim's daughter
Doris Carter married John Kottsy-June 24, home in Miamiville,O 1953
Lois Kneipp Married Wesley Deible Nov.19, 1955 In Ind.
Ruth Kneipp married Daryle Jansen-March 28, 1969 Cin,O


Margaret Emma Kneipp, born at Maderia,O. Jan.2,1878
Carolyn Kneipp, born at Maderia,O. Nov.4,1879
Frank Chas.Kneipp, born Madisonville,O. Dec.4,1882
Matthew Kneipp, born Madisonville,O. April 12,1884
May, twin of Matt born Madisonville,O.
April 12,1884
Anthony J.Kneipp, born Madisonville,O. 1887
August Kneipp, born Madisonville,O. Aug.1 ,1890
George Kneipp, born Madisonville,O. 1893
Joseph Kneipp, born Madisonville,O. Sept. 1895
Louis Edward Kneipp,born Madisonville,O.
July 26,1898
All these are children of Frank Sr. and Mary Britton Kneipp.Born 1857 and 1859.She died Sept.23,1916- He died Oct.4, 1946 both buried at Calvery Cemetery.

Marg died Nov. 10,1920-unmarried
May the twin died at birth-1884

Carrie married Anthony Roling May 1921. Anthony died Sept. 1948

Frank had six children, 5 sons and 1 daughter living at or near him in 1951

Matt had four childern 2 boys and 2 girls.1 girl, Helen living at New Mex. in 1951 with her parents. 1boy Ralph married and living in Chillicothe,O.

Tony had one son - married Norma Weghorst and divorced 1946

Gus married Kate Wolterman and had 4 sons
2 married and 2 Priest

Joe married Grace Bohn and they had 7 girls and 8 boys.Mary Lou, Dorothy, Ellenore, Betty, Rose, Rita, Charlene, Billy, Gene, Jim, Joe Jr., Tommy, Bobby, Raymond and Charles

Geo. married Jennie Sketch, had 1 daughter
Mary Jane

Louis married Agnes Davis,she died shorty afterward and he married Martha Rodenfelter??
(this looks like 'in' I am not sure) 1930-they have 2 boys-a little girl died.

Doris Carter recieved her engagement ring Feb. 2, 1951 from Johnny Kotsy.


This Bible was bought in 1875 by Mr.and Mrs.S.B.Keim and should be gven to the oldest living child in each generation on the Keim side of the family.

Mrs.Grace Keim Kneipp born in Cinn,O.
May 10,1883

Francis Leroy Kneipp June 13,1904

Lois Anne Kneipp (Deible) Boland

This all the information I found written in the Bible.
What I call 'added pages' were written on any blank pages found inside the Bible. Everything else listed is an inventory of what I found stored in the Bible.


2 mailed letters to:Mr. & Mrs.Frank Kneipp
4809 Whetsel Ave.
from:August J.Kneipp
Mount Saint Mary
of The West
First one post marked Cincinnati,Ohio Dec.4,1939
with.02¢ postage.This letter was three pages long wrote on front and back of paper.
The second one is post marked Cincinnati,Ohio Feb.10,1940 with .02¢ postage.This letter was five pages long also written on front and back of paper.Both letters are to Aunt Grace and Uncle Frank from August 'Bud' Kneipp,both discuss the Catholic faith.

2 wedding pictures 4x6 black and whites
First picture of Vern and Mary B.Kneipp married
Second picture-first row-Mrs.A.Rouse,
Mary B.Rouse Kneipp,Vern Kneipp and
Frank Kneipp
-second row-Mrs.Frank Kneipp,William Wessler,
Mrs.W.Wessler and Mr.A.Rouse-Aug.25,1940

1 two sided picture as taken from a book maybe,or from Sunday School,9 & 1/2 inches
long and 5 inches tall.One side 'Chist Blessing Little Children' -Matt.19:14 Jesus is in a field with five children.
The other side 'Madonna of the Blossom' Cantiale 2:1-The Madonna is holding a baby and there are for girls around her.The names Patty and Dorothy have been wrote on 2 of the girls.

A printed page (in poor shape) of phrases and their Christian meaning (i.e.'The Anchor' is the christian symbol of immovable firmness,hope and patience).

A page from a paper or magazine.8"x11" black and white of Admiral George Dewey.
Printed in the lower left corner is:
Dewey Day Supplement to
Pennsylvania Grit
Williamsport,PA. April 30,1899

1 pressed flower (no covering on it and no info with it).
1 pressed four leaf clover (no covering and no info with it).
1 piece of cardboard type paper 6"x9" with writing on both sides.(the writing is of a religous nature,much of it is from The Holy Bible).

This is all that there is from The Bible.As I said I have some more information on some of these people and I will be glad to share what I have.

Here is a link to the Kneipp Family history that I have:

Happy Hunting!!!!