Larcom Bible

These pages were separated from the Bible, so the
date of the Bible is unknown. It was acquired from a
man in New York who saved the genealogical information
from Bibles that were being thrown away.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Family Register Parents' Names]

Husband John D. Larcom
Born Dec 13 1875
Canoe Camp Creek
Son of Charlie Larcom
and Ella Larcom

Wife Mrs. Ruby B. Larcom
Born Sept. 23 1884
Covington, Pa.
Daughter of Alva H. Doud
and Anna L. Doud

[Page Two -- Births]

Their Sons

Alva J. Larcom April 28 - 1913
Covington, Pa.

Russell W. Larcom
April 20 - 1916
Covington, Pa.

Alva H. Doud Born Jan 16 1858

Anna L. Doud Born Nov 2 - 1860

Alva and Russell's Grandparents

[Page Three -- Marriages]

John D. Larcom
Ruby B. Doud
married Oct 25 - 1906
By Rev. E. W. Burrel - Covington Pa.

Alva J. Larcom
Kathryn D. Williams
married Nov 30 - 1941 By
Rev. D. J. Griffith - Mansfield Pa.

Russell W. Larcom
Bettie J. Brunner
married Oct - 25 - 1942 By
Rev. Leo J. Engler
Corning, N.Y.

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Alva H. Doud died Oct - 6 1914

Anna L. Doud died July 25 1904

John D. Larcom died Feb 1st 1957

Ruby B. Larcom died Mar 3 - 1958

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