Loe Bible

This Bible was submitted by David Newberry.

Parish Bible, Unknown Date

--The primary family name in the Bible= Loe
--Your name and best e-mail address= David E. Newberry
--How did you get this Bible record?= Bought
--A description of the Bible itself, if available, with the publisher's name
and copyright date = Typical of late 1800's bibles
--Anything else in the Bible?= Newspaper clipping
--Where did this family live? [Fostoria & Rising-sun are in Seneca County, Ohio -- TSC]
--Who currently has this Bible? I do
--Any other relevant comments= Not particularly interested in Loe genealogy.
Perhaps this will help someone who is.



David S. Loe of Perry City
Mary E. Phillips of Rising Sun
Rising Sun on the 13 day March 1884
In the presence of JM Cassel

Virgil Loe was born April the 7th 1889
Meda A Loe was born October 13th 1889
Nobel B Loe was born August 26th 1891

Newspaper Clipping is about Virgil Loe's wedding to Nina Viola Robbins